Week 5 Done

Hi everyone. I got week 5 done, managed to do run 1 yesterday runs 2 and 3 today. I know that sounds silly but I've been running before so I guess it isn't very impressive. I've been taking peoples advice and slowed down a bit to an enjoyable pace. About 15 minutes after run 1 I was wanting to go again so i did some time on the cross trainer at the gym, today the same thing happenedafter run 2 but when I got to the gym it was closed so after mulling it over for a while I did run 3. I'm guessing I'm a bit high on endorphins as I feel good to go again. I might do a walk tonight. 

The weight is coming off too, down to 102.3Kg now. Signed up to parkrun so as soon as I devise a means of printing my barcode I'm going to go but taking it steady (the one I'm looking at is on a Saturday so at least 1 week away). Still going to keep doing the program  to the end. Hope nobody minds if I keep posting on here, like I say I've run a bit before and surprisingly my body seems to be kicking back in after weeks 1-3 even though its still pretty heavy so its not such a great achievement... I really hope everyone is doing well, managing to dodge those hailstorms too!

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  • enjoy seeing your posts, just hope you are not doing a bit too much, too soon, wouldn't like to hear you ending up on the Injury couch! If you can't print your barcode you can order a card with it on it from parkrun for just under £4 ,( just registered myself yesterday and saw it)

  • Ah thank-you that's a better way, I completely missed that option :) . Yeah I want to avoid the injury couch. taking the running itself a bit steadier and just enjoying it. You are right though I need to avoid injuries. I enjoy reading your posts too and well done on the parkrun! I remember the feeling when it dawned on me I enjoyed running. Keep going!

  • Well done, Kallyfudge! It's a great feeling when you've done a run and you want to do more - but take it easy, and you'll go further and avoid injury. A walk sounds like a great idea.

  • Many thanks Katie, you are right about that I need to calm down a bit :) run a bit less now to keep on & run more in the future. I've just had my first ever burrito and might just pass out instead of the walk tonight :p Its been a good day running wise well done to you also on killing the monster! That was a great post!

  • Nice one Kally! Good luck with the next one!

  • You too :D to week 6!

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