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Week 5 Run 2 complete !!!!!!!!!

Well yet again I am here telling you all about my experience !!! Hope you are all well and doing OK!!!

Well WK 5 run 2 done !!! I had a rubbish day at work and was all up in the air when I walked through my door at 19:30 tonight and was touch and go whether I would do this...... Think I may have been looking for an excuse !!! But I started to beat myself up about it and eventually just got on with it !!!! Off I went into the wilderness and before I knew it I had completed the first half of the run and yet again was amazed I just lost myself in my thoughts and dreams and did it !!!! Mentally I did not struggle as Laura had suggested I might nor did I struggle with my breathing, however, my calf muscles were very tight and felt quite weak but Vroom...... I did it!!! I triumphed and pushed through it !!! Haha

I dare not think about the 3rd run of the week!¡! But Friday will be the day of the update!!!!

I hope you are all getting on OK and I look forward to hearing from you all soon with your experiences... I actually never thought I would enjoy this but I really am, only thing is my pace is not quickening ..not sure if I should worry about this or not ????? I literally am just picking up my feet rather than big stride sprinting ??? Is this OK do you think ??? Considering I haven't run for about 30 years (approximate of course !!!! )

Good luck best regards

Josie jo

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Well done on getting out there and completing the run. As for the pace, well I look at it this way, my aim is to complete the c25k and not worry about how fast I run or if my speed increases. Once I complete w9r3 then I'm hoping I'll be fit enough to then concentrate on increasing my pace. Until then, I'm just wanting to complete the c25k.

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That's a good way of thinking Paul 2014!!! MaybeI should just cconcentrate on completing the programme and maybe concentrate on increasing my pace at a very layer date !!!

Thank you

Josie Jo


You're welcome, Jodie Jo :)


Yay! Huge congrats to you Josie-Jo! Best of luck with W5R3- I'll be keeping my fingers crossed for you! :)


Sounds like you're doing really well. Don't worry about the pace. At the moment you're building up stamina - being able to keep going for longer - and if you go faster then that will be "instead" not "as well". Big stride sprinting is not what you're aiming for - 2 feet off the ground at the same time is ;)

Once you've graduated then you can try the post c25k podcasts to help improve your speed, but it really shouldn't be your priority at the moment. (Although IF you are feeling confident, then you can push yourself a little in the last 5 minutes of W7R2 and R3 and the same in weeks 8 and 9 - note, not R1 of any week. But not now, and not for a while)

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Congrats! I just did W5R2 today as well! I find when the run starts I at first just concentrate on putting one foot in front of the other and getting my pacing right. And once that is to my satisfaction, I find I just zone out and start daydreaming. Anyways, good luck on Friday, I'll be running it with you!


Well done! As the others have said, it's not about pace at this stage of the programme, just about stamina and endurance, which you need anyway before you can speed up. Good luck for run 3 :-)


Well done getting this run under your belt and good luck with run 3 - which is not that bad as it happens. Just focus on doing the session each time and don't worry about pace or speed, just build up the stamina that the programme is designed to do. You can worry about improving all these things after graduation with the follow-on podcasts. Best wishes.


Concur with above advice. Best to slow down if anything with all the longer runs, I did and it helped enormously. Just graduated earlier this week and already moved up to 33 mins.


Hey Josie-Jo, done my run 2 of week 5 now, had to do it indoors as weather was so lousy, so on my treadmill I tracked my speed, I did my warm up and warm down walks at 4.5 km, and the jogging itself at 6 to 6.5 km, up to 7 for the closing minute. I won't win any prizes for speed, but I did what felt comfortable for me. I wasn't puffing too hard at the end and although not fast, happy with how far I have come since week one :)

When are you doing your last run? I will probably be doing mine Sunday evening, hopefully outside around the lake.

Hoping your final run of the week goes well for you!

Best Wishes,

Helen :) x


Hey just come back from Week 5 run 3!!!!! I did it and didn't think I would, but I took all the advice I have been given and slowed down, paced myself and before I knew it 10 mins had gone by!!!! I have found that if I go into a dream world and think about anything other than what I am doing it just happens naturally!!! Does anyone else find this??? I seem to struggle if I concentrate on trying to run- if that makes sense!!! I am sure you all know what I mean!!

It's like up until the point where Laura says"deep breaths in through your nose out through your mouth" I was fine, then as soon as she said this I found myself trying this and started to struggle for breath, but up until I consciously started thinking about it I was fine!!!

It definitely is good not to keep looking at a watch, I leave mine behind now.

I think I am going to go over week 5 for one more week as I am not confident to move onto WK 6 yet.

Good luck To everyone for another week to come!!!

Checking in again Tuesday!!!



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