Week 6 Run 3

I've not been out for a couple of weeks as I've had a cold. Although it was upper respiratory my throat was really sore and I felt achy. Anyway moan over...the snow has gone again and the sun is out so tonight I got my trainers on and headed out for a trail run. The first 5 mins were killer, my knees hurt and I cramped so once I'd sorted that I cranked up the music and ran...it was great up and down hills. The last 5 mins I could have puked...but somehow I did it. I'm glad to see the next 3 runs are this one repeated though because although I got through it I definitely struggled so looking forward to a bit more practice.

happy running everyone!

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  • Yeah !

    Well done ! Yep, colds can certainly make us feel a bit meh for a while , but what a triumphant return !

    Where are you ? Ive just noticed that you've wrote " the snow had gone "

    Good Luck and keep going, youre doing great ! :-) xxx

  • Hi poppypug. I'm up in Scotland. In Argyll. We just had snow showers where I am last week but plenty back on the hills and mountains around us. Luckily it seems to be warming up now and it's melted again...hoping for some warmer days now. 🌞

  • I recently did that one and it was a tough cookie and like you say it's good that we get to repeat it a few times.  But you've done the last of the interval runs now, all solid runs from now on!

  • Thanks LisaRose74. Think it was just the shock of running again. I tried to stay active, going for walks while I didn't feel 100% so glad I'm back into it again before I lose any more fitness. 

  • Slow and steady does it. 

    Your run sounds wonderful, but maybe take it a tad slower?   Remember, this is for fun ! The first five minutes of every run I do, are hard for me, then I get in the rhythm...!

    Just take it easy, enjoy the journey and where you are... the stunning scenery !

    One of my favourite quotes is very apt...

    " Go fast enough to get there...but slow enough to see " !

  • Thanks Oldflos. I like that philosophy 😊

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