Lidl turns me into Spider-Man

I recently bought some trail shorts that included under compression shorts and I enjoyed a run out in them. Well today is lidl running gear day, so I thought I'd pop along and get some compression leggings ready for winter and whilst I was there I picked up a compression top.

Well I popped them on tonight to see what they were like and I look like a grey, black and yellow Spider-Man :-o

But they are very comfortable, ready for winter now (but not just yet)

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  • Haha this made me chuckle!! I bet they look fab but no jumping up the side of buildings when you first go out in them! ;-)

  • I knew you were a hero :-)

  • Like it xx

  • hiya Pat! (((Delia)))

  • Did you get my post last night .Pat

  • I think you're responding to Delia, but it notified me for some reason

  • No Pat, I didn't. I shall look for it, but who knows if I'll find it!

  • You say the nicest things :D

  • They sound gr8 for all your marathon training. You have to put a pic on. Pat ;-)

  • ;-) maybe at Halloween

  • ha ha, I went to my local Lidls this afternoon to get a running jacket, I had a sneaky peak at the performance leggings thinking maybe I would get some, after taking them out of the pack I thought 'Oh NO, I would look like spiderwoman' LOL

  • Hehe I can definately recommend them. I was hoping they would be all black, but never mind at least car drivers won't be able to miss me. Just hope I don't cause an accident

  • Where's the photo Phil? I got a head torch, but I think hubby has already commandeered it!! I may need the services of Spider-man to retrieve it for me! ;)

  • Some challenges are not achievable. You will never see that torch again it has entered the world of the man cave (shed or garage)

  • A head torch hee hee! Torchy the battery (old)Girl?

  • I hear there are balaclavas next week!!

  • Only interested if they match :-)

  • What about the glow in the dark compression socks Phil? I'm sure they would complete the spidey look nicely ;)

    Susan xx

  • Thery were a step too bright, need sunglasses B-)

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