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Men's new Lidl running clothes

I got a top, shorts & 2 pairs off socks on Thursday and used them on the same day, couldn't wait! how sad!😁 And again at Parkrun on Saturday. Overall, for what they all cost, about £13, they are good especially for the newbie, not quite as good as my Adidas clobber, but does the job. The sizing is a point as with a lot of gear, found the t shirt XL slightly smaller than my Adidas, so is probably a big large, but still OK for me, the shorts are good, the pocket on the back is only big enough for keys not a phone, and the elasticated waist band is a tad on the slack side in comparison to my Adidas XL shorts so have to make sure the draw cord is tied firmly for peace of mind. The L size waist may be better, but the rest may lack room..

The socks being size 9-10 are for me being a normal shoe size 9, very snug, I think the next size up would have been too big, and there is no arch support band going around the instep and sole of the foot, and I wonder if there is enough cushioning & double layering, they felt slightly thinner than my for mile socks, but had no blisters after my two 5k runs I wonder how they would stand up on longer runs, we will see, but as I said, good for the money..😊

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Your not on your own Dave, I get like that too! Something new and you just got to try it out, great life though eh this running malarky! 😎


Am like that with anything Frank, trying stuff out, gadgets, cars, motorbikes, tinkering and trying to improve things, sometimes it doesn't work and I cock things up but usually win..😁


Boys & their toys eh?!

Why is sizing on sports clothes so odd. My husband cycles & has same problem when buying shorts & t shirts.

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You've got to wear new gear, no way around that. I get a lot of running gear from Tchibo which is cheap and cheerful and the quality is good but I don't think Tchibo in the UK offers clothes at all.


Bop, Tchibo are German coffee machines here, have a base here in Epsom..


Us C25kers where probably fighting each other for gear in lidl last week!


I keep looking out for Lidl runners but so far only me round here. Still looking so I can nod and grin at them.


Sounds like a bargain all around! Well done! Tight draw cord essential :)

I agree you have to try stuff out...I have my new crop leggings which I have resisted running in, 'cos they were bought for France... they have their first wear today, as we speak! It was a tad chillier on Sunday... so no-go!

These are.. multi-coloured bubble pattern! Reebok sale :)


I have a drawer full of new unworn running gear (shhhhhh OK doesn't know about it) and stick to much the same old (sic) gear - I did however finally change my running shoes (old ones had 1000K +) but am wearing the old ones as walking shoes.


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