A question for the gentlemen

You may be able to tell but I have been on a shopping expedition today. With the winter in mind, one of my purchases was a nice pair of running tights. Very comfy they are too!!

Problem is they are....shall we say....very revealing in certain man bit areas.

I tried wearing shorts over but that looks a bit weird!!!! :)

What is the general consensus?

Shorts or comando?? :D


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44 Replies

  • Shorts

  • So why don't we ladies get a say?

  • Ully, you can comment away :)

  • I found some quite loose knee length shorts which just about do the job.

  • As a lady, I would rather not see too much of a silhouette. But that's just me - I'm a sensitive little flower!

  • Sorry i know you wanted gentlemen - my partner has some running tights and he just wears a top and finds it's long enough to cover everything. I must admit when I have looked other men tend to do similar to him - it's winter here at the moment so mens running tights are a strong feature.

  • Commando... be proud :-)

  • Oh KK, what are you like, eh?

  • OMG its a baby Panda ! An upside down Baby Panda ! Awwwwww, I need to tickle its tummy , and rub noses with it , so, so cute :-) xxxx

  • Hiya PP, I thought that with sad news from Edinburgh, I could cheer everyone up with my Baby Panda avatar. It was about 1 month old, and sound asleep on it's back in a baby panda incubator.

  • Aw , I love it, its adorable :-) Oh , that is sad news about the Panda at Edinburgh , poor thing :-( xxx

  • Hahahahah :D

  • I was wondering the same about the running bottoms I got; they're positively indecent!

  • be proud...go commando and run free :)

  • I may be new to this but I've never heard the like - men in tights indeed - probably some strange american idea like wearing your trousers around your ankles and not the kind of thing Gentlemen should discuss outside of their club. Last time I saw a man in tights was Johnny Smythe as Lady MacBeth in the school play at Harrow. Come Come man - woollen vest, plus fours and long socks is winter attire for a sportsman.

    Remember the old dictum - if it looks riduculous then it probably is. On the other hand I'd go with what's most comfortable - who's going to see you on a dark winter night anyway.

  • Arf arf. We watched an old video (yes, video) of Bonnington and Don Whillans tackling one of the climbs Whillans pioneered and using and wearing kit from his first ascent from the 1950s. Bonnington went up in plimmys! Nowt wrong with serge and hemp I say.

    P.S. Are you saying Robin Hood didn't really wear green tights?

  • Indeed it is probable that R. Hoode did wear the ever fashionable Lincoln Green tights of the time - but it is also the real reason they made him an outlaw. On a more productive note it is still legal to shoot a Welshman with a bow and arrow after sunset in Chester if they are wearing tights.

  • Ha ha Runon , nowt wrong with that , I do it all the time , load up 'arrers and ping , aarrrgh, timber :-)


    I would now like to apologise if I have caused any offence to any tights wearing Welshmen that live in Chester , indeed no tights wearing , residing in Chester, Welsh men were hurt during the writing of this post .

    Phew ! That's got me off the hook :-) xxx

  • Pah ! I'll make sure I do 'em good and proper next time ! :-) xxx

  • Perhaps that's because their tights are too erm... tight? - Anyway I would not be seen dead in tights and shall be out running tomorrow in my standard issue and very practical superman costume.

  • Is that you Batman ? We have got a KittyKat so she can be Catwoman , who can I be tho ? :-) xxx

  • Hmm KK as CatWoman. Do you think she'll post photos wearing a leather jump-suit?

  • Duh! Batty-girl, obviously :D :D

  • Oh yeah ! I wanted to be Catwoman tho' Pah :-) xxx

  • In the dark winter, when nobody sees you, you can be bold to tun with a loin cloth, hahahahaha!

  • Hmm not sure I can see myself buying tights then again I never thought I'd be able to run 10k. Maybe get some tracky bottoms to cover them? It's not cold here yet and the amount I sweat will probably provide a layer of insulation for quite a time.

    All sounds a bit panto to me....on no it doesn't ;-)

  • Oh yes it does ! :-D xxx

  • This post is meaningless without pics :-D xxx

  • I see what you did there PP ;)

  • Ha ha sorry couldn't resist it :-D xxx

  • Back of the net PP :D However, would advise against encouraging them. We'll get shut down due to porno issues or only allowed to post after the watershed.

  • Ah Slookie, it had to be said :-)

    Theres a lot to be said for hardcore running porn, that's us lot pawing running magazines drooling over the new trainers , Garmins and compression socks ha ha :-D xxx

  • Oooooh stop it. Garmin. Ooooh. Trainers. OOOOOOH. Socks. Urm ...

    Incidentally, had no idea running mags existed! Like 'My Pony' but instead of dandy brushes there are socks?

  • Oh aye , top shelf stuff , check it out next time youre in WH Smiths , they are also available in other leading newsagents and supermarkets :-) xxx

  • Agreed! Fellas, post a photo and let the public decide :-)

  • Shorts over the top. Simple.

  • My husband wears shorts over the top of his running tights. He's shy about showing off his, ahem, silhouette. Just about all the men in my British Military Fitness classes do the same.

  • You can buy two in one shorts for sport. Tight ones are underneath some loose fitting ones all made into one garment for convenience. You see sports people wearing them a lot. They look like they have cycling shorts on under their regular ones. I am female and am going to get some as i am very self conscious in tight clothes so thought these would be a good idea. They also stop the legs rubbing together.

  • I asked BaldyBoy for his take on this, not that he's done any sport for about 100 years - he said wear a jock trap. Curly's advice is to go for broke and stuff two scotch eggs and a savaloy down there..

  • Naahh, the breadcrumbs come off the scotch eggs and get everywhere they shouldn't....

  • just be sure to stuff them down the front of your tights, not down the back or you will get even worse looks.

  • Ok, two apples and a banana, it's my last offer...

  • If you've got it, flaunt it.

    If not, just follow curlygurly's advice.......


  • I wear Cotton Traders jog pants, They are easy to put on, feel nice on the skin, warm in winter, no bits showing, hahaha! (unless you've got a big bum!)

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