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Popped in to Lidl on the way home from work. They have running socks, gloves, reflective straps, cycling shorts, sports tops and probably some other stuff I've forgotten. Worth a look I got two pairs of gloves and the reflective straps (in addition to being reflective they have lights in them which can either flash, stay on or be turned off).


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  • Oooh I need some of those light bands. Thanks for the heads up :)

  • I bought some of those gloves in Lidl today, as it's been a bit "nippy" in the mornings this week. Does anyone know why the thumb and index finger of right hand have reflective tips?

  • > Does anyone know why the thumb and index finger of right hand have reflective tips?

    On hiking/ski gloves the thumb and first finger often have soft/different material to use to wipe your nose!

    However, I've just checked the Lidl gloves online and the different fabric is so the Index finger and thumb of right hand can be used with touchscreen devices.

  • Oh wow! How clever!

  • Oh yeah I have that nose wipey doodad on my gloves.

    Not tasteful after a couple of runs :-P

  • And bad, really bad. if the gloves somehow end up back in the bottom of the wardrobe - unwashed - when spring arrives! :-P

  • Thanks morningglory! I've been keeping an eye out for winter stuff, the gloves sound great! The straps sound cool too!

  • I've not been impressed with the running socks I got from Lidls a couple of months back. Thin and not very well padded in the right places...

  • Seen these in Lidl yesterday, great that I can pick up running gear and 'hide' it in the weekly shop! I didn't notice running socks but found cycling socks - not sure why cyclists need special socks! They had running tights, which I may go back for, just not sure on the quality as they were all boxed up.

  • Thanks, Morningglory, looks good, I need to get some extra stuff but can't afford the really professional labels. Just something to keep me warm, visible and injury-free will be fine. Cue visit to Lidl tomorrow.

  • I picked up a pack of the flashy straps yesterday - much cheaper than the ones I got off Amazon last winter. I agree on the socks, rubbish. I got a good winter running jacket and tights from them last year and they were really good for the money.


  • So reflective finger tip gloves....mmmmm....would discourage a good 'nose rummage' peeps would 'see' exactly where ya fingers were going. .....for wiping your nose...mmmm no does not appeal...BUT hey how about so people in cars can see when you flick the V for being obnoxious gits....NOW that i like....

  • Oh and im more an Aldi guy but will do a Lidl bit of shopping soon....did you see that...did you see what i did there?? Easily amused me.

  • Thanks for letting us know about the running gear. I picked up a pair of the gloves today. I like that the black gloves have a yellow stripe on the side, so I can spot them easier when I drop one in the woods on my run. (I imagine that I may take them off when my hands get warm and tuck them in my running belt.)

  • Went and bought some running tights, gloves and those flashing light strips. Bargains. Now all I need is a warm / waterproof running jacket (but they are seriously pricey) and a base layer top and I'll be ready for frend said we are supposed to get snow in October!

  • Friend! Should put my glasses on!

  • Useful post this! Sadly, I can never remember whether the cheapo shop near to us is Lidl or Aldi so I'll go round there in the morning and see if they've got anything I'd like! Thanks for the post!

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