Couch to 5K

B210k - week one completed

up early this morn for my 3rd run of the programme. picked a totally flat route - to test my true running rate and time to complete each 1k - very slow according to my garmin.

So whilst pleasing to have completed week one - roll on week 2 - bit disappointed my times have not improved.

But ta dah -as part of my build up of endurance running I have entered the dartmoor vale 10k in October- putting my money where my mouth is at were.

Also considering changing my animal running image- currently a chubby labrador. Feel i may be moving into wolf territory - albeit slow and still a bit chubby :-)

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Well done for completing Week One.

On your advice I have decided to give this a go, and started on Monday. Not a good start to the week at all. The last 10 minutes was my 'head home' leg, and the sight of the uphill was too much. I wimped out 3 minutes into the last 10 minutes.

I was really unsure what to do today, I have some ankle issues, which I am seeing a physio about. I think, and hope, that this is tightness further up my legs, and some decent stretching exercises will sort this.

Bright and sunny this morning, so I went for it. I had plotted out a route slightly over 6Km on the flat, and thought if I take it slower this will be fine. Well I hit the endpoint of that route half way through the last leg, so I had to head up hill. I confess I did walk for about 25 - 30m uphill, then ran it through to the end. Ankles seem OK at the moment, and I will keep stretching through the day to make sure they stay that way.

Thanks for steering me onto this, it's going to be tough, but I am really happy with today. This is just what I needed, something to aim for and slow me down a bit.


Great feedback thanks. To be honest I have not found it easy- and those hills easily defeat me - although I am getting better. Well done for peservering- I am sure it pays off in the long run.

I did my pyramid speed podcast today - lots of fun - I was slightly faster today. ~i will do my first run of week 2 tomorrow afternoon ( not my fav time for running) or early fri morning as I have a 9 00 hair appt - onward 3 x 15 mins.

Good luck with your third run :-)


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