Couch to 5K

The Bristol to cleeve juicython

Well folks big day today, juicyju and her lad did a 15k I've been planning since I started this mad running...

In juicyju's the list:

1. We started in long Ashton and ended in cleeve

2. Silky Steve was in my ears and I kept on thinking its a very long way..when he said ' you are now in the long run zone' I leapt up and did a high five with the lad' I've been dying to hear that

3. I had my lucky neon orange headband matching wristbands on to give me luck- only a couple of people laughed

4. It took us 1 hour 48 mins.slow and steady

5. After 1 hour I felt I could run forever

6. After I got home and dried a bit I could feel grainy stuff on my neck, licked it and it was like pure salt ( sorry that's probably too much information)- the body must lose loads of minerals?? My hair was soaked.

7. It saved £8.50 on the bus

8. I felt really really feint after, we stopped at spar and got an energy drink for the lad But I didn't .. Was that my body starting to burn fat ( silky Steve said it happens after 90 minutes), and I've never exercised for that long before.. I'd better get done energy drinks in..

Thanks everyone for your wonderful support


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Wooooooo! And I was pleased with 5k - but then you're much younger and fitter than me. :) Well done both of you, that's really amazing.

Salt - funny - I was looking up Maldon Salt earlier on. So they don't need to get it from the sea then? :)


Thank you so much.. Maldon is the best I wouldn't go for the human stuff!!


15K! Wow - totally impressed. All credit to you both :-))


Thank you too


Wow, 15k is really impressive. Hats off to that. :) I did my weekend 10k this morning, but it was a struggle and at 7k I really really wanted to stop.

Ran along a trail by a canal, which looked fine initially but turned into energy-sapping soft sand. Then I came across a large wide depression filled ankle-deep with fetid stagnant water which couldn't be avoided (canal one side and thistles and brambles the other), so my nice new expensive running shoes filled up with brown smelly water and I had to squelch along the through the sand until I got back to the cycle paths leading to the port. Then I had to convince myself to do just one more k for each of the last 3k and force myself to make it to the next landmark. I took a lot of persuading! It didn't feel like a good run at all.

But then, when I get home I find I have improved my 10k personal best by a minute and a half, So, all of a sudden, it is a good run after all. :)

I think your sweatband's a good idea. I had sweat dripping into my eyes a couple of times - and it stings! As you say, all that salt. I'm definitely going to get some wristbands (though not in orange...). I take a waterbottle with me for the occasional swig, which helps a lot (but not if it goes down the wrong way, as it did this morning...)

Congratulations again - that's a long time running. :)


Wow- it sounds like you were running in the canal!! Poor shoes I hope you gave them some love?

Well done on your run, it's no mean feat is it??

Beating your PB by that much is amazing!!

Sweatbands are just fab... And orange isn't so bad??... Pink then??


The shoes got hosed off and left in the sun - and don't look too bad. The socks though looked pretty disgusting - and might have to be given a merciful burial. As for orange or pink - well, they just wouldn't match my running ensemble which is rather stark and funereal, except for the shoes which have some startling lime green flashes and laces.Mind you for some MAMILs on bikes here, orange and/or pink sweatbands would be lost in the swirl of psychedelic colours that adorn their upper halves. :)


15k is massive - you know it's not that short of a half marathon... isn't it strange that we had all our big plans in mind when we first started running... you must be so so pleased with yourself and your lad too....this is brilliant that you are getting him into it too.

I also had my first ever salt experience today too - must have been trickling down the side of my face & dried off in the breeze - like some one had wiped a load of salt onto my cheek.... didn't fancy licking it though!

I was hoping that fat burning kicks in a lot sooner than 90 mins - I dont want to be a fat lad forever!


I know.. I always had a thing about going all the way from Bristol . The salt thing is interesting, it dad actually feel like salt. Like I'd been swimming in the sea, and tasting it was interesting, it was just so salty!

I'm sure the fat burning thing is more complicated than that.. It's all good however long or short it's about how we feel


Wow, well done! That's a massively long way - not sure I could even walk that! Congratulations :)


Thank you so so much it did feel great!!


Massive well done to you and your little man - sounds like you are both steaming along! You must let me know how to get hold of Silky Steve - sounds like I could do with him! P.S. would love to know how you manage to lick your own neck??? ??


Tip Top, Juicyju. More evidence for this idea that if you can run 6k, your cardio is strong enough to run as long as you like - you just need to have enough carbs to burn and keep putting one foot in front of the other.

I think that's what you were feeling near the end - running out of carbs. I get that near the end of a longer trail run. It also fits with the burning fat - there are no carbs left, so you use the only other energy store - your fat. But of course everyone who is on a calorie-reduction weight loss programme is burning fat ever day. It's just that a long run burns so many calories (mine was almost 1000 today) it becomes more significant and noticeable.

Just think - that 15k was a week's worth of running and energy burn for most folk, but you did it in one go! An amazing achievement for you and your son.


Well done for you and your lad! 15k is great, much too far for me to even think about!

I did 8k this evening and had the salt dripping in my eyes too, ouch! :-) Will have to think about sweatbands (another trip to sports and soccer coming up ;-) ) but was saved by my ever present tissue (always on hand due to constantly runny nose due to hayfever!)


Absolutely fantastic - well done :)


Thank you so much it did feel great!!


That's a great run, well done! I thought I was the only person will a salty problem, when I get home from a longer run I have white lines on my forehead and running down my cheeks! I have never thought of licking it though...


Ha ha, perhaps you should! Oh and get a sweatband- orange is de rigour


Wow, fantastic. Well done! I'm nowhere near 15k yet, but I do get the salt. I got my (quite young) kids to try licking my face - they were disgusted but delighted! Yeugh!


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