HM training...JuicyJu stylie

HM training...JuicyJu stylie

So...I have signed up for a HM in October because I needed a focus, and I have worked through the panic and now for the training....I have decided on a holistic approach...

Heres my JuicyJu list:

Parkrun on Sat...I managed to beat my PB...only by 20 secs

Then...a mile swim followed by tapas for energy ( of course)

For the mind....focussed and energised thoughts

A 15k today.....OH it was the best and I did my fastest 5k in 5 and a half mins....with my phone back, I had my silky steve back saying sweet nothings in my ear and keeping my legs on track

Plenty of food and beer

A trip to see my very very special friend Wendy....cathartic wine drinking and therapy for my troubles

now...a nice red.... and keep me focussed....

The Pic is my best boy Leon at Parkrun...showing the men from the boys...he did it in 25 minutes. Very Proud Mummy.

Have a good week everyone,



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28 Replies

  • Good for you - you can defo do a HM! Your lad looks cool as a cucumber in your pic, looks like he could go on forever!! Good look with the training (one of the best training plans I've seen btw!) ;)

  • Thankyou....yes I'm proud of my lad, glad you like my training programme...

  • Crikey your Leon's a cool running, he looks so relaxed, so much so that it looks as if he's out for a walk in the park!!

    All the best for October, keep us updated on how your training goes.

  • Thanks Oldgirl, we should be running today but the lad decided he wanted fish and chips instead...can't say I blame him!!!

  • Looks like your son could run another 5k from that photo - an athlete in the making for sure.

  • Awwww thankyou...he wants to be an athlete...and a businessman ( he loves dragons den) and wants to bring out a range of sportswear!!

  • Great photo!

    Good luck with your training.

  • Thankyou!!!

  • Just wish I had the bottle to do a HM just like that....

    Good luck with the training sound like you're already well on your way with the training too

  • Thanks MatthewW..not seen you on here for ages, hope the running is going well and you are progressing towards your 10k?

  • Your lad certainly has a spring in his step, he looks like he's breezing along effortlessly. That's an impressive goal you're working towards - looking forward to following your progress with your training (and dream that one day that might be me!) :)

  • you will!!!!! I was saying to a great friend of mine today that I never believed I could run more than a minute...but blimey look what are bodies are capable of....

  • So, 5k in five and a half minutes, you must have been using the Leon training plan and you must have been really tired to have gone that fast. You deserved a drink..

  • Thankyou...and yes thanks I will!!!

  • Good luck with your training, I know you will achieve your goal. Let us know which HM you will be doing. :) Maggie

  • Thankyou so much...its the HM at the Eden Project so the route is going to be all around that area vv hilly...

  • Atta girl - well done - it will be a great achievement. Your son looks great - groovy shoes to!!

  • Thankyou...they are the Brooks I got for shoes ever!!

  • Look at your boy go! I love the way every one else is gulping in the breaths, and he looks so nonchalant. Too easy :-)

    Good luck with that training regime, it looks tough. I am trying to work up from 5K now, so 15K seems a huge step away,and a HM is just something that fit people do.

    Good luck. Keep blogging, so we can see how you get on.

  • Thankyou...and you will get there..its about sticking to the rules and your body gets better and better....

  • Go Leon, Go. He looks as though he's barely trying; he's got the build for running and he's leaving the others in his wake, effortlessly it looks. Good luck with your training. If you've gone public on it I'm sure you're gonna do it!

  • I I have put it out there and paid my 23 quid I have to do it...I actually can't wait as long as I get the training in...I have managed 111k so far this inspired me!!!!

  • 111, eh. You win! I've just completed what will be my last run of August and totalled out at 109. Some exciting runs coming up though; next post any moment soon

  • Oh wow...just look at your boy -he looks so cool ! In contrast, those guys behind him look as if they're making heavy weather of it !

    Good luck with the training...keep us posted :)

  • Thankyou...and yes I will!

  • Good luck JuicyJu and what an excellent training programme!! I am in the throes of considering our local HM which is almost 8 months away so plenty of training time.......decisions, decisions...

  • ooooo do it do it...It will give you a focus and something to aim for....go on go on go on!!!!

  • Yay! Juicy, so glad you've signed up for the HM, it'll be nice knowing others are out there training for this distance too in Oct. When is yours? Mine is on 13th. I may steal your training plan, it looks highly effective :)

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