6 days =38k...flipping nora who'd have thought?!

I've been on one a bit with the running, and the whole hot weather early starts has been amazing... I've been getting up at 5.30 and heading off, my orange sweatband glowing ( ready brek stylie)

Just checking my stats and in the last 6 days I have run 38k...now back on February the 20th 2013 when me and Laura first started going out together I would have never ever thought I would do this. I thought running for 30 minutes was impossible!!

It just goes to show anyone can train their bodies to do things they could never imagine...

I have also learnt its about mental training too- focus, drive, determination, trickery ( the body gets you to think it can't do anymore....oh yes it can)

I love being out there, not a soul, just me, silky steve in my ears, and the weather enveloping me as I run...mmm sooo good.

I have treated myself to a new top and bottoms for special runs!

Thanks so much everyone for all being there you are all amazing



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  • Wow that's amazing!!

    I very much need my rest days as I suffer with very tight (and painful) calves if I don't leave at least 2 days between runs so I don't ever seeing me running anywhere near this much per week, so I'm amazed. Well done!!

  • awww thank you...and that sounds so sore...could someone massage them for you after a run as I'm sure that would really help???

  • I've been doing it myself and it does help, along with stretching them. I'm hoping once I start running 5k plus more regularly it might wear off...wishful thinking anyway! Haha

  • Hi Jefna, I'm prone to the same problem (not as bad though; one rest day between runs is enough). I find doing calf and gastroc stretches stretches random times throughout each day is helping.

  • Love the idea of random stretching!! Rest days make a huge difference don't they?!

  • Well done! You are leaving me behind, that's not fair...

  • I doubt that very much bionic man!!!!

  • Well done, Ju! How ya going to get home now you're 38km away?? Lol

  • If you can run 6k you can run any distance....... Or so I've been told (and not just here), so getting home should be a doddle! ;)

  • so true Beads, lets not forget that eh!!!

  • good point....I'll run of course!

  • Wait for the end of the month and tot up the whole month, you'll be in triple figures!

  • Excellento! You'll have 100K per month in your sights in no time. I'm not sure I'm going to make that this month but you're absolutely right about training your body to do things it never thought it could. Good, innit?

  • wow ...now thats a thought for August. We are off to my sisters in Cornwall, and so many coastal opportunities....it is so good, amazing what the body is capable of, lets clock up the K's eh!!!

  • Jealous, love an explore whilst away...it will be lovely :-)

  • That really is impressive, 38k is almost marathon distance...

    Then I just checked mine and after my 3k tonight I'm on 15.6k I 3 days so looks like I'm behind you... Although hopefully have room to improve as I only really started in April, so with a bit more training I should be up to your standard too...

    But your so right about this all being in your mind, and you need to get used to you body saying no but your head saying yes.

    Half Running

  • Bloody touch type..... That was meant to be

    Happy Running....

  • you can achieve so much in 2 months....just wait and see what happens and don't let your body trick you into submission. Half running sounds fun, and in fact it is so true...half running and half in the mind.....

  • Well done, it's a great feeling isn't it. I've treated myself to a couple of Adidas tops, until now I've just been running in polo shirts (plus running shorts and shoes!) but they aren't the best at wicking sweat away and get really heavy when I douse myself with water mid run.

    It's definitely a lot in the mind, I've found that I know when my body says to stop and how to drag the determination from the depths of my mind to keep going and push through it. It's such a great feeling when you manage it.

    Thanks for your posts they are always entertaining and inspirational.

  • awww thankyou thats really sweet...I have nike vesty type tops that are great at wicking sweat, but the best is my neon orange sweatband and wristbands. The headbands wicks sweat and I use the wristbands to wipe excess sweat elsewhere and nose runnings...so ladylike aren't I?!!!

  • I can't see me in a sweatband somehow, I'd look like Stavros Flatley! And when you're running you have to do away with any kind of decorum, with a trail of sweat, snot and spit behind you!

  • just googled him....hilarious...and thats exactly what I look like!! I know, decorum out the window, back to basics. Quite refreshing really.

  • Sounds like you have turned in to wonder woman, amazing, You have just inspired me to get back in to the routine. Like the new photo by the way, (very rock star)

    I am moving jobs and house so not been about for a while, but good to see you are doing so well - seems I have a lot of catching up to do. :-)

  • wow, that's truly amazing and inspiring.

    I'm training for the 10k now, I've read lots of advice here, and I proudly ran 7k this morning, first time, and I felt I could do more, but preferred not to.

    following your posts is just inspiring me to keep going

    Thank you :)

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