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Did 25 mins without Laura, then couldn't do it the next time with podcast!?

Hi everyone!

Well, I went out on Monday with my friend - first time I've ever run with someone else (AND she is a real runner!) and easily covered 25 mins having not satisfactorily made it to 20 the week before. I was pretty pleased and amazed! So yesterday I went back to the podcast onto week 7 to do the same and found I was really struggling after 20 mins. Annoyingly I'd changed my route and found myself staring at a 45 degree incline for the last 5 mins, (which didn't help!) plus I had had to open and close several gates on this route. Think it broke my stride.

Anyway, I shall try it again tomorrow. I cannot believe that I have got this far. I may only be lightly jogging (only covered 2.2 miles yesterday) but if you'd told me I'd be running that non-stop a few weeks back I'd have never believed it!

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We all have bad runs, thing is not to dwell on it. Next time will always be better :-)


It's great, isn't it, even when the runs aren't good, you know there's another chance next time and you can't wait. I've got one of those hills, if I reverse my route, which is the only time I have been beaten mid run. I've conquered the lesser slopes on the other side of the hill and one day soon I am going to crack that one too.


Thanks folks! I didn't go out for my run today as was feeling under the weather. It could be the decline in the actual weather as well - it's gone all cold and windy up here! I thought it wouldn't be wise to exert myself when feeling dodgy. I will get up early and go out tomorrow come rain or shine! I think I'll take my usual route and maybe run up and down the road a few times to lengthen it!

Thanks again! :)


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