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So last week I graduated! YAY never thought I would do it. I even managed a 35 minute run. So thought I would just continue with this for a few weeks and gradually increase my running time. I set off yesterday afternoon as it was a cloudy day and cooler than usual but after 20 mins of running I was totally pooped! I had to walk for a bit then started running and then found I was getting cramp in my hamstring so had to walk again and this is how it went all the way home. I did cover 4.2k in 34 mins however even with the odd little break. I thought this would be easier now once I had completed the programme but now feel totally deflated to find I could only manage 20 mins. I won't give up and my next run is Tuesday and hopefully be back on track. Has anyone else been through the same issues?

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Okay.. relax...:)

Just take some time now to do a few runs, just because you can. Runs for joy, I called them :)

Then, some consolidation of 30 minute runs... but not worrying about distance and not every run. Do shorter runs and maybe a longer run.. vary your routes too...:)

After a couple of weeks, then try C25K + podcasts maybe:) Just take it steady at this point :)

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Don’t worry! I am still twiddling around with post-grad stuff and have had my share of similar disappointments- but also some nice surprises. My experience is that’s it’s not such a straight line post-grad and most people seem to feel a bit bewildered from time to time. Just keep turning up and go with the flow. Keeeep posting! (Sorry, watching Strictly!)

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Sorry, it doesn't suddenly get easier just because you have graduated. If I were you, I would forget about how much ground you cover in thirty minutes, slow down a bit, forget about that disappointment and just run for fun, just as Oldfloss says. Go and run somewhere beautiful in this stunning autumn and appreciate your ability and your surroundings.

You have come a long way and you can still go a long way with your running, but you are still a very, very new runner, so don't try to push it just yet. It might be worth reflecting on the circumstances leading up to your last run. Were you well rested, hydrated and fuelled? These seemingly little things impact on your running, individually and cumulatively.

Head up and carry on enjoying your running.

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sus1eb in reply to IannodaTruffe

I didn't expect it to get easier I just stupidly thought once I could run 30 mins I would be able to every time! I was having a lazy afternoon which is what made me get up and go. I live in 30 degree heat all year round so have to carefully plan my runs, I find the evenings work best for me but then can only run locally as not safe to be running in the dark too far from home. Thanks for your words are support, onwards and forwards! 😂

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Huh...read my post graduation posts...the first 2 were good but the third? Absolutely pants...I think we expect too much as a graduate & expect it to be a breeze from here on in...well it’s not..we are still learning, still new runners so don’t be too hard on yourself...you still need to take it nice & steady...keep posting & keep persevering, it will all happen in time 👍🏻

Wow you run in 30 degrees hats off to you.

One of the things that comes with graduation is the realisation that we all have bad runs, it doesn't mean we can't run, just that that one wasent one of the best runs. Trust me you will get used to them, they happen to the best. 😀 Your next run will be better, you might even be coming down with a bug, a bad run comes a couple of days before a cold as well, so take it easy and be kind to yourself.

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Just think how far you have come in 9 weeks. 9 weeks ago you were only running 60 sec x8 you can now run for over 20 mins in my book that's amazing 👏👏👨‍🎓👍

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Yep had a bad run here after graduation, went out and started well but as I progressed it just didn't feel right.

2.5 k in and I thought bugger it and called it a day.

Next time out was absolutely fine, we can all have a bad day for all sorts of reasons

Haha, bugger it! Next time it gets tough I shall think of that, it will make me laugh and spur me on! Thanks

I think of it as youngsters in university

They are spending all their time learning and believing they will walk straight into some great job and that the world and life will be great only to find after the euphoria of graduation that it’s a big bad world and they have to knuckle down and do it even if it isn’t fun at the time.

But that there will come a time when it is all fun and enjoyment but they had to go through the post graduate stage first.

That is the kind set I have anyway.

At 8am this morning was I some graceful being of nature at its finest ?


I was effin and blinding and cursing and promising that I would punch Michael Johnson if I met him because it was HIS fault I completed the 9 weeks.

But I was out there.

And I did it.

If this was supposed to be easy it would be called C25K in 3 minutes.

It’s hard. It’s not always enjoyable. But it shows the strength of you that you can and ARE doing it. So focus on that and your achievement.

Because like a student from uni, the world won’t hug you and say come on in it’s easy.

But as I have now as my mantra, the only reason I am having a bad run is because I am out there running!

Something I wasn’t doing 9 weeks ago.

*disclaimer - when I no doubt post a bad run post in the coming weeks you can slap me back :)

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I was the same. First couple of post graduation runs I don't think I managed 30 minutes. And it's been quite hit and miss just experimenting with different routes, C25k+, park run. Mostly running without music or measuring distance just aiming for 30 minutes and getting there most of the time. Aiming for 3 runs a week and usually managing 2. As long as I keep doing it that's enough for me.

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