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Did 30 mins today - shall I just do 5k next?

Hi all, I did Wk6 R3 today - 25 mins run and continued running through the 5 mins cool down meaning a total run of 30 mins.

I covered 2.45 miles giving an equivalent 5k time of just under 38 mins.

Also the 10 min warm up / cool down walks (I added another cool down on) covered 0.8mile - so combined I travelled more distance (5.245m) than a 5k (3.1m).

I felt ok at the end but legs were tiring a bit and mentally I was needing to encourage myself.

Sitting here now, (3 hours later) I feel absolutely fine.

Next run, I'm thinking of just going out and running 5k - using my Runkeeper App.

It would 'only' mean ~ 8 mins more and following Laura's advice of "slowing down if tired" I think I could do it.

Otherwise, I'll spend weeks 7, 8 and 9 building up to 30 mins - which I can do now.

My logic is to run a full 5k now (~ 38mins) and spend weeks 7, 8 and 9 trying to get my 5k time down towards the magical 30mins mark!

I would be grateful for everyones opinions on whether I am being too ambitious or whether I should go for it!!!!



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I did something similar, although a couple of runs later than you. I think it was my second run of Week 7 that I first ran for 30 minutes and possibly the run after that I first hit 5k. I'm due to graduate this week but have generally ran 5k's since, albeit they take me about late 30's to complete.

I think as long as you listen to your body you're as well to give it a bash.


Stepping up the pace does add a lot of extra impact though, on bones and joints, that you may not have built your legs up for yet, and you could be running the risk of injury if you overdo it in your enthusiasm to hit the 30 minute mark (which is really quite a lot faster than 38). It is so tempting when you've nearly hit a target to push your body just a bit further than it is telling you is sensible. Apparently the commonest time for injuries in new runners is when they suddenly increase pace/distance because they get so excited about it!

I'm not really a good person to give advice about going beyond the programme though, as I did put some extra bits on - though only when my body wasn't complaining about it (much).

You might find that by sticking closer to the programme, and giving yourself the full 9 weeks at a slower pace, that you can up the pace faster after the end - and with much less risk of injury. That seems to be working for me (but I am much slower anyway). Having several weeks off because of injury (which does seem to be rather a common thing to happen) is probably not something you'd enjoy too much! And 30 minutes is only an arbitrary figure to aim for anyway - nice and tidy, but what really matters is simply that fitness is improving.

Only you know what your body is capable of though, so good luck with whatever you decide. :)


Thanks for replies both. I suppose realistically I would get a few 5k's 'under my belt' before I even targetting improvong time and even then I assume it will come through increased fitness / weight loss rathen than forcibly running faster.


Hi lifebeginsat40 and I'm guessing the running did too. Only thing I'll say is too much too soon oftens ends with injuries as greenlegs has already said. Take care its not a race, better to be a tortoise and finish than a hare and get battered by aches and pains. You've more chance of still being a runner too in your 50's 60's & 70's etc. Whatever you decide to do you've most certainly been bitten by the running bug, good luck and enjoy.


Think on reflection I'll run Week 7 R1 tomorrow after all but adding on the 5 minute cool down as well.

Might see then how I feel for Saturday's Run.

Thanks for advice again.


I say go for it! The sense of achievement for just carrying on will keep you going.

Make sure you rest up the day after though. ;)


I did it - see my blog!!!


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