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Week 1, run 1 - phew!!

Well, I have taken the plunge and done my first run, almost gave up near the end but stuck with pleased that I did, feel really proud of myself now. Using 'map my run' as well as the podcast. Found it motivating to see how far I walked/ran (2.66 miles) as well as how many cals I burned. So pleased i've started this - but....Please tell me it gets easier! ;)

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Well done Julie, you've done the hardest bit by getting up off your couch. You can definitely do this, keep coming back here for encouragement, we are all with you!!


Hi Julie, yes it does! The beauty of this programme is it gets you there gradually and you are always free to repeat runs and/or whole weeks if you need to.

The support from this community is amazing.Good luck :)


Thankyou, feeling great today. Almost looking forward to going out again tomorrow :)


The runs themselves get harder no doubt about it, but your resolve and ability to complete them increases and your lack of confidence decreases. You will reach a point at about week 3 when you realise that you are looking forward to run days and the rest days make you fidgety!

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Well done you! The first one was the hardest for me and getting motivated to actually do it was incredibly hard. My husband actually said he had never seen me looking as bad when I got back and he's seen me in labour! I really doubted whether I could do it but each one has got a tad easier even though the exercise is ironically more demanding.


Thank you! The support on here is amazing :).


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