Couch to 5K

JuicyJu's HM ........thing

after 4 running, not really through choice, more that work, pleasure and kids got in the way, I was gagging for one.... It was really affecting me physically; I was irritable, twitchy and like a pent up carnal animal....I was a bit worried after that long I might have lost progress for my HM....

Parkrun today was fab, I went with my wonderful friend Nicola and my son Leon, and it was a different route which involved doing the steep hill twice...yikes, but we did it. I felt great, I didn't push myself as a friend said 'don't worry about beating your PB but just enjoy it'..what great I did.

After that, off to the Lido where Nicola and I swam a mile then indulged in tapas and green tea, and some great girly chat...

Now I am indulging in some fitou and cooking a lamb tagine ( I am so excited as I am going to use my preserved lemons I made last year, I just hope they haven't gone off) as I need energy for tomorrow as planning a 15ish k as I am aware I am a total slacker this week.....The kitchen dancing will help too... to my Ibiza mash up....

For stamina...I have been reading about panthers and those animals are just incredible and we have so much to learn from them...

For the mind.... (As you can see I am approaching my training plan holistically)...I am about to browse 2 copies of Hello! magazine that Nicola brought me, and read the agony aunt sections of the paper ( that always makes me feel better and give me top tips on lifes troubles) all goes towards the overall HM training package...

Have fun everyone

Happy Panthering



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JJ - glad to see your taking your training routine in the right spirit:-) I am sure you will pull off the 15k:-). nowhere near that right now - but building up. Was investigating gatorade today vs red bull?? No conclusions yet!


Thankyou!!!! And I'm not sure I'll be pulling anything off tomorrow as I'm necking this Fitou like its Ribena...Red Bull puts me on the ceiling so I have never had it since, and as for the other stuff....sounds fun???? You must give us the lowdown....

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I love green tea, 4 days no running OMG!!! Great to see you are doing so well working towards your HM. Now go easy on those agony pages, they can mess with your head.

Enjoy the rest of the weekend.


really??? I have very few friends that like it, and I so love treating myself to the good stuff ( Jasmine Pearls...mmmmmmm). The agony pages are quite cathartic in a strange way....good to see you back Alcopop. You too.


So 5k today and 15k tomorrow? Whoah, Panther that is impressive. But is it wise?


Probably not but panthers go on their instinct....


Fab post gorgeous lady!!! Should I admit I am heartened to read you have not run for four days!!! Makes my current what will total 'five day enforced break' more manageable!!!!!!! Enjoy your evening, lamb tagine sounds divine....I'm currently drowning my sorrows with lager and Chinese........classy!!!!!!!!


Nice.... I love a bit of lager and Chinese....just stuffed myself with the tagine and a bit piss** on wine... Just trying to get my head torch going for tomorrow....... I'm nuts?


Yes, yes you are. But aren't we all!!!!!! Good luck with the run!


like the thought of a panther, one of my tracks is 'I am a Jaguar, bold and brave' well it beats 'little bunny rabbit' am currently working up to 10k hoping to do the HM next year :-)


I so love jaguars too.....and bunnnies...good luck on your training.... Xxx


Nice post - hope you enjoyed the ribena and good luck with the run today.

Remember the head torch faces forward...

Happy panthering :-)


Thankyou...the ribena was lovely and rather a lot of it was consumed rather quickly!!! Didn't need head torch as it was just getting light. It was a great run, I'm just about to write about it...


I am far more intrigued as to how you pace around your kitchen like a pent up carnal animal?? The mind boggles!

Am glad to read of fellow runners who enjoy a glass of the grape - just like you JuJu! When you said you were going to run 15K, I fell off my chair.

Keep blogging won't you? You can't beat a bit of JuJu News!!


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