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last parkrun of the year ! can i incorporate it in my training plan for HM ?

so today was my last 2017 parkrun i have done the grand total of ... 5!!!! lol , i started outdoor running in november after doing c25k on treadmill , im now training for the colchester Half marathon ( think im slightly mad but that was the general reason for starting the c25k) but i love the parkrun so how can i incorporate it in my weekly running plan as from next saturday my saturday runs start going up more than 5 k , is it okay to do the parkrun pause my watch scan my token and set of again or not ??? as i really want to keep doing them but dont wanna mess my plan up either , it realistically a minute stoppage going to ruin my HM plans ?

ps i alway take a naff PR picture so thought id share and get the secret out there lol X any advice re training plans would be great ... im following the runkeeper HM one that last 16 weeks and am a few weeks into it !

happy new year and happy running xx

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Well done you.

Having a scanning break after 5k before carrying on is not a problem as such, except that parkruns tend to be run at a relatively high pace, to match that pb, at least, whereas your long run should be at an easy pace. You should not be increasing distance and pushing hard on the same run.


i only have 3 paces , stop walk and run i dont do speed as such on the parkruns im always happy just to get round and my average is 40 mins :( !!! so i defo wont be pushing speed , my long runs are in fact on the sunday and saturday runs are going up slightly but still going up , i think i will do my PR and scan :D and then continue


It's perfectly fine! It's a good idea to include some speeding up during your long run*, so the parkrun will do that nicely, and it's more than ok to stop for a bit during a run too, so go for it! You could be up to 50 parkruns by the end of the year :D

Love that picture, you look great and your parkrun looks rather wild and wooly :)

*Looks like I've offered contradictory advice again ;)

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No it won't hurt at all. It will be good for you. It's your running plan so feel free to be flexible and do what you need to do. You have to be fluid about running plans as anything can happen.

Parkrun is fun too! We can run on our own all the time so it's good to run with others now and again and socialise a bit

A running plan is a good idea as it prevents you running too much, which is so easy to do if you don't have one. Good luck with it! Half marathon is a long way so take it steady. Cross training is a good idea too, so organise some swimming, walking, cycling, etc etc. Body strength stuff at home or gym is a good idea too

Good luck!

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i now have a personal trainer helping me with strength work too and im finding that help < i would literally stand in a gym and cry if left alone but she works me nice and hard !


Wow, in training for a half marathon, go you!

I can't advise from personal experience but I'm sure there's no problem with your idea. Or maybe you could vary your distances and make Parkrun your short run of the week. (Whoever thought we'd be calling 5k a short run!)

Good luck with your training in 2018. Happy running and happy new year!

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still doesnt feel like a short run though lol !!! ;D HAPPY NEW YEAR

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