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Seduced by the London Winter Run!


I must admit I don't post here very often, just like to pop on most days to read the posts and see what you have all been achieving. But all the positive vibes I was getting about the LWR, especially Miles long but very descriptive blog, felt Like I was there so followed Treemouses link and I have signed up for 2016!

I must be mad, have run the Race for Life this year and do a regular 5-7km route and the occasional Parkrun, which my best time so far is 42min. So no Speedy Gonzalez, but I'm consistent. Have also signed up for the Westminster Mile in May, which I'm hoping to do in 14mins also signed up for my first 10k with the Women's Running event in Brixton, that's not until mid-Sept, so hoping that will prep me for the LWR.

I'm fortunate that I live in Essex and I used to work in London and do the commute to Embankment, so not too far for me, but Dan, JuicyJu, No-excuse and many others have sold it to me, so it's on the calender, and the other thing that sold it to me Is that blinking medal, lush!!!!!

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Hi Redkelly.

I live in Essex too and while I completely forgot to enter the LWR, I have been running a series of 10k events at the Olympic park at Stratford over the winter. It's the fifth one this Saturday and the last one will be the on the first Saturday in March. They're very well organized and although there's an entry fee, there also.....a MEDAL!!!!

I get reallŷ motivated by these events and its kept me focussed over the winter. If you live somewhere near a station on the Liverpool Street main line or the Central Line tube you will know that Stratford is really easy to get to. the same people who organized these events also organize events in the summer at places like Hylands park in Chelmsford and South Weald and Thorndon parks in Brentwood. Check them out here, highly recommended:

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Hi Rob, thanks for the heads up, I did see those series of runs in Stratford, I'm down on the estuary, so not a problem to get to, but currently at the 5km mark, but will definitely look out for them in the summer and thanks for the link, I'm only 20mins from Thorndon Park.

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I'm guessing Grays? I used to live down that way.

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Yep, good old Grays Thurrock, which looks like it will be getting it's own Parkrun hopefully by Easter, currently commute to the Basildon one, so at least won't have to get up so early :-)


I'm quite keen to get myself one of those lovely LWR medals too - beautiful design! Bit of a trek from here and will involve an aeroplane, but I haven't ruled it out for 2016.


Brilliant! You will love it I'm sure. You're not mad at all, and as you say, the medal is lush. You don't need to be fast, it is just a great opportunity to enjoy a run with loads of likeminded people. I've entered again too- I can't wait. See you there! x :-D Just checking out that Westminster Mile now too! x


Oh I'm so was the best!!! Can't wait to meet you next year :)


In many way 10 k is easier. By the time you've got yourself up to speed the 5k is over with. 10 k is a much less frenetic affair, time to get your running on an even keel, time to get a steady pace going, a long enough run to get your breath back.

If you train for it you'll be fine

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Spot on. 10k is a fantastic distance. No,pressure, yet great satisfaction from the achievement.

I am signed up and I am really slow but I was so jealous watching everyone else on Sunday just had to have a go next year. Looking forward to meeting everyone already.


HOORAAAAY!!! What a spiffingly good decision you've made. It will be a blast I guarantee it.