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Why Juicyju do you tell me I can't do it?

I have not been running as much as I should lately which is so unlike me...My beautiful friend said I have not been a runner in the Winter months before and they are so right...

However it has given me time to reflect on my running...

I find that during parkrun I keep trying to push but my sensible brain says 'you can't go faster you will collapse/ die/ conk out etc...' yet when I finish within a minute I feel fine which makes me realise i could do so much more...

Yet on a long run I can keep going and plodding on..

So..tonight I had a swim in Crediton pool...I did a mile if you could see me you would never know I was goggles, bikini ( of course)..only breast stroke and I don't put my head in, so I look nothing like someone that 'means business'...I don't like the stereotype swimmer thing...but anyway...I was doing my 'thang' and pondering my running mantra because THAT is the thing that is going to tell your mind to SHUT THE **** UP with the **** telling me I can't do this is what I came up with..

" Push that body, punish that body"

and as I was swimming it worked, as I was teling my body that it was going to be punished so it would be tired and worn out...SO WHAT!!! I will live!!!!

I am going to test at parkrun..any ideas or other mantras that people have found useful???




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I start when I get dressed. As soon as my running gear goes on my brain says right I am in my go faster pants now must get out. Then the music starts when I am outside I have a little wave about of the arms and a dance and then I am set. I feel great when I get going. I am still working keeping myself going but as my iron levels come up I am sure that will sort itself out. I am sure you will find that panther speed again, are they cold weather animals? Good luck and I hope "push that body punish that body" works for you.

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Thankyou so much...and yes the panther is definately in there, I just need to unleash it again!!!


You just have to get past that internal commentary and keep running. After a while it will shut up.

Distractions and something to motivate you are the key for me so maybe have something else to take your mind off it, like developing that gallery of yours...

If that doesn't work then just answer every question with so what.

Panthers don't do doubts ;)


I love the 'so whats' thats a great plan...and you are so right, panthers never doubt...Thankyou!


I think you have to be controlled to achieve good times on longer runs. Just pushing hard randomly is tiring and, for me, ineffectual (but that's running on my own). Some of the runs I have been doing lately incorporating intervals at different paces (160/170/180) have worked well by upping my pace at a time when I am inclined to slow down. Perhaps you should plan your parkrun and set a goal to achieve a specific pace/time for each kilometre?

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Thanks Landesman thats really good advice, I so need a Garmin to help with that...I might just have to invest...needs must eh ;)


Still doing them under boost your voucher scheme at Tesco. December 20th last day to exchange the vouchers (31st I believe to use them.)


Treat yourself! Garmin Forerunner 10 offered for about £50 in the Black Friday sale on Amazon today at 10am (thanks to OlsBean's tip).

Also I recommend the Audiofuel podcast with Martin Yelling (3 Step Intervals 180 max).

Goodluck at the Parkrun.


The 'problem' with running -whether in training or a race -is knowing just how hard to push so you don't end up out of energy miles from the finish. When swimming, even if deciding in advance that I'll swim one mile, I *can* stop 5, 10... lengths early when my arms simply cannot go any further. If I push too hard too early in a run, I may end up with a long walk home and at this time of year, that could mean a long, very cold walk.

Like Landesman says, pushing hard randomly is not the best way. Like the increasing pace runs he suggests, you could try running negative splits for Parkrun. How about running each km/mile/lap a few seconds faster than the previous? You could write the times you plan to complete each km/lap on a wristband so you don't have to do the maths as you run. Just make the increases small and achievable.

(Now I should practise what I preach! ;-) I've not run any of the races I've participated in with negative splits! But my excuse is they've been hilly or mixed-terrain courses and I've run by effort, not pace.)

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Thanks Swanscot thats really good advice...and you are amazing in terms of your achievements :)


You are probably right that if you go faster you probably will probably 'collapse/ die/ conk out etc...' so don't go faster.

There are probably periods in the 5K when you lose focus and slow down sometimes you realise it and sometimes you don't. It is during this time when you lose time and not because you have not gone faster later in the run.

It is a case of maintaining your form rather than improving it. The perfect run for a none elite athlete would be even splits.

Many times i have been gradually overtaken by someone who is running very slightly faster than me. I have tried to latch on to their pace which has prevented me from slowing down to a plod. Of course when you see the finishing line give your body hell and some more as it will say thank you to you a minute later.

Running a good race can improve your time but the big consistent improvements are what you do prior to the run. If your times improve during the week then your time will naturally improve doing the Park Run.

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Thanks baronblaze that makes an awful lot of sense....I am going to apply this tomorrow at Parkrun :)


I love the way you say, oh so casually, I swam a mile. I've never swum a mile in my life; I do well to swim a length. Big Respect, as ever. And I do like the "Push that body, Punish that body" mantra because you're absolutely right - a minute after you stop you'll feel fine again.


Thanks OldNed.....I never think of my swimming as an achievement as its always been there in my life ( I have always loved it as I love the freedom of the water)....I am going to be yelling that mantra tomorrow at Parkrun if I don't conk out!!!!!


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