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W2 R1 - In so much pain!

Did week 2, run 1 today. By 90 seconds, my calves are absolutely killing me (insides and lower) and I'm having to hobble in the walks. I never used to get this when running on pavement but we have been running on 'cross country' terrain. They're still hurting now. I really really don't want to stop! I think I will change the ground I'm running on! X

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Are you warming up for five minutes? Are you doing warm down stretches? The ones on the NHS Choices site are an excellent starter kit and I am slowly adding others from elsewhere as I find out what my body needs. I had terrible thigh aches after my first non warm down run. I run cross country and I think it does make your legs work harder than the road but is so much better from the impact perspective. Maybe mix your surfaces. Good luck.


That sounds really painful.

Have you had your gait analysed and been fitted for decent running shoes (I don't mean expensive, I mean one's that suit your running style and foot).

Terrain will definitely affect your experience, but shoes will have an even bigger effect.



I've been to the Doctor for a health check,

I've been to Sweatshop for a gait analysis,

I've consulted forums far and wide for hints and tips,

I've bought a Garmin and analysed heart rate zones, but......

I haven't been to the barber to get my haircut checked.

This running sure is complicated :)

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Gah! Stoopid autocorrect!

Gait, not hair...although maybe there's something in having your hair analysed for faster running...;-)


So it is my hair that is slowing me down. Where are the scissors..............


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