W2 R1 done!

I had a few days break (due to an intense aerobics class that left me feeling very sore)... But I did my first week 2 run today.

It felt okay.. I feel like I'm not getting as out of breath as I used to.. To be honest that used to cause me quite a bit of anxiety.. It's more the heaviness in my legs. I felt like they were dragging me to the floor by the last run. I don't know whether that's just because I'm still building my stamina or because my technique/footwear is poor (I'm definitely thinking yes to both)!

I'm off on holiday on Saturday and will take my running gear with me. Will be doing lots of walking.

Hope everyone's had a good run today if it was a run day!


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7 Replies

  • Do you drink plenty of water throughout the day? I found that the heavy leg feeling was definitely reduced when I experimented with increasing my fluid intake during the day - you've got to find the right level for you, but just by adding a litre of water on top of other drinks during the day has made my evening runs easier and my legs less lead-like - I'm still only in week 6, and not running this week due to a pulled something or other in my foot, but hope this helps, and keep going, it's amazing when you realise that you get it, what this running thing is about - week 4 for me!

  • That's excellent advice about the water and definitely something I need to track more! Thank you!

  • Well done Delzabelza! We are at exactly the same stage! I am doing my second week 2 run tomorrow ... then enforced break till Sun/Monday as staying with parents. If I were driving I would take my running kit, but I am on the train and not allowed to carry too much with me because of my bad elbow. It's OK though as I will still have done all runs for the week within a week! Will post tomorrow. Have a wonderful holiday!

  • Hope you are having a good weekend with your parents. Sorry to hear you've got elbow problems!

    How did you get on with your first week 2 run? I was supposed to do the second one yesterday but had so much to do for holiday. Got a lot of steps in though!

  • Hi Delzabelza, Thanks for your lovely message. Sorry for the delay in replying - my parents don't have wifi so I was limited to my mobile data and being careful as last time I was there I went over my limit!! I did have a lovely time though. Week 2 run 1 was OK thanks - apart from the burst tyre episode on the way back. Just done Week 2 run 2 so will do a post on that now... Hope you have a fab holiday. I'm going this weekend and taking weeks 3, 4 and 5 with me - need to work out how many runs I might get done. We are on a cruise with days out so it might depend how much walking we do - we are going to Scotland, Iceland and Norway so we won't be on sun loungers I suspect!

  • Well done on getting to week 2. As others have said, hydration makes a huge difference. My legs are always my problem (rather than breathlessness) and now I make sure I have a couple of big glasses of water about half an hour or so before I run. Otherwise and especially in the early weeks, it felt like running through wet cement! Good luck for the rest of week 2 :)

  • Great advice! Thank you!

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