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W8R3 - OMG - advice needed

Started my run in positive mood then made a very stupid decision. I altered my route, on 24 minutes I hit a section that I usually run down, oh dear God!!!! I got to the top of the incline - not Mount Everest to be honest, and I could not take one more step!!!! This is the first time I've failed to finish a run and I'm so furious with myself!!!

So, advice needed. Do I repeat on Friday or do I just go for Week 9!

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Hi Scotsheather, I will read the replies to your post with interest as I am in the same position. The inclines in the last few minutes of my w8 runs have nearly been the death of me and I only completed them because I knew the run was nearly finished and would end on a downhill (thank you gravity for pulling me through the last minute!).

And, if I'm honest, I didn't complete w8r2 because the route I ran turned out to be shorter than I thought, so by the time I was running up my road towards my house I'd only done 23 minutes, and the idea of running away from home (up hill) for another 5 minutes was just too much to bare, so I gave up at my front door.

I did finish w8r3 yesterday but feel absolutely exhausted today. I can barely keep my eyes open and feel SO sluggish. Ever muscle is tired, even my arms.

I have thought about repeating week 8, but I keep thinking about the replies from so many graduates on here who say they found the last weeks some of the hardest, so maybe it's normal to feel this way?

So I might just go ahead and do w9r1 anyway and see what happens. Even if it's torture I just want to graduate. But if after today I don't feel like I've recovered enough, I will add on another rest day before attempting it.

Whatever you decide is best for you, I wish you the best of luck! We're almost there :-)


Hills can be the death of even the most hardened runners!

As for going on to week 9 - it all depends on where you want to take your running, I guess. The challenge is to be able to run for 30 minutes, and to do this 3 times....however, after that, the challenge is to run for 30 minutes, 3 times a week...and maybe to progress to faster, further, longer etc. To that end, all the work you've putting in now is laying a great foundation for you to become a runner - so if you gave to repeat a run, it's no bad thing. I don't think you can cut corners without suffering a setback at a later date.

What I'm trying to say is...only you know if you've really ready to move onto the next run. You've body will soon stop you if you're not. :-)


They do say running up hill is very good for training, so stick with it ;-)


Lol crox, my run is on an ambulance route. Another debacle like today and I'll be hailing the first ambulance I see when I get to the top of that hill!


My first post grad run was my first failure to keep running for exactly the same reasons as you- a change of course. I had arranged my routes to fit in the hills early, in my runs during C26k, but being a graduate I thought that the hill I had studiously only ran down would be a doddle. Lesson learned and routes replanned. Don't underestimate week 9. I found it quite tough, but why not give it a go and keep at it till you beat it. You've done all the groundwork.

One day ( in the not too distant future) I will beat that hill. Good luck.


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