Couch to 5K

Advice needed please!

Hi Everyone!

After getting to W4 run 3 in the summer, my progress came to a halt with a couple of niggles then winter set in and the motivation and gremlins took hold with a vengeance!

Anyway, getting up to date (ish), I walked to pick my daughter up from school and as we were walking home (me holding everything) I fell down heavily on my knees, much to my embarrassment!

I did not go and get medical advice, thinking it was just bruising for nearly 2 weeks then went to a walk in centre where they diagnosed tendon problems. My work OH physic confirmed this too.

She told me I can't run on it for up to 6 months which is so frustrating as I was wanting to start the running again.

Any ideas what exercise I can do? My physio said cycling may be ok.

I would like to start at a gym too (hubby allowing!)

Thanks for any ideas


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Spin classes are great & what runners do when they can't run for whatever reason.... It's hard I won't lie & ure bum wil be sore 😁-but it will help u build ure fitness up!


hi Fishgirl

Thank you for your advice!



Hi. It is very frustrating I agree.

If you don't have much pain on walking , you can do fast walking for a few weeks. It's much kinder on the knees and can be surprisingly rewarding. Do let me know what tendon issues are they . Might be that recovery is much faster. (I am an A&E doctor) . Also you can use knee supports for walking and improve on the knee strain while walking. Keep exercising though and get well soon!

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Hi puneetsharma,

Thanks for the advice! I was given tugigrip support but it nearly gave me a DVT!

I hink I will try gentle walking along with physio exercises and then biking and maybe spinning



Walking does seem like a good idea.


Oh Lucy poor you that is bad luck.

Not sure what to suggest as obviously you must follow the midical advice you have been given.

On the bright side when you are ready to go again it will be lovely light evenings and good weather and noi gremlins in sight...

Resolve to get yourself well then go girl...


Hi Jan-now-runs,

Thanks for your reply!



Sorry about the spelling issues im posting on a smart phone and im obviously not...


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