Morning run advice needed

So right now im planning to do my C25k on my lunchbreak and running before I come home for lunch. I can be quite flexible with my hours as I mainly work from home and as my daughter is ready and off to the grandparents by sometime between 7.30 and 8am I could run in the morning but no idea how to handle breakfast if i do.

I generally wouldnt eat as soon as I get up, and I generally wouldnt eat right before a run. Do you run on an empty stomach, or just have a snack, or something else. I dont want to keel over part way through


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8 Replies

  • I run on an empty stomach. Just a drink before I leave the house. It is my favourite way to run and always perform best early morning.

  • Lots of posts on this subject...:)

    I always run early mornings and right from starting C25K, a cup of tea and two digestive lites..usually about half an hour before I a small sip of water just before heading out! . :)

    We all do it differently... :) So maybe something light at 7.. ? I then eat after I have showered when i get back... sometimes I am just, hungry.. sometimes, depending on the run, I am very, very hungry :)

    You will get loads of answers I am sure and find what suits you..but the early morning runs I think, like a few of us are amazing, even with the darker mornings.. sets you up for the trials of the day!

  • If I have breakfast first I usually wait 2-3 hrs before running, if running early then I may just have tea & biccies like floss beforehand. You can have a banana immediately before running, if you like them, I do sometimes, you get energy benefits from them, but need to eat them at least an hour before running for it to absorb into the bloodstream. Depends how you feel when you get up, if your hungry or not. I wouldn't run on an empty stomach. You could use a bit of trial & error, as we do differ..😊

  • Hello! I run first thing mornings where possible. I dont eat but I always drink at least a large glass water as i get up and prep. Occasionally i have a cup of tea.

    We eat quite late in the evening so i work on the idea that I have sufficient fuel in the system. Ive had no problems so far. I may need to re think if i aim to cover longer distances (10k plus).

    As Floss says, you need to find what works for you.

  • I always prefer to run with an empty stomach, apart from half a banana and a pint of very dilute apple juice, immediately before heading out of the door.

  • I usually have some seeds and a bit of dried fruit before running first thing then breakfast when I return. I sound like a hamster don't I!!

  • Always breakfast first for me and then a couple of hours before running. I have once run without breakfast but that was when I was staying with family and breakfast wasn't going to be for ages.

    I'm the kind of person who wakes up hungry though and I like a fairly decent sized breakfast.

  • Its sounding like for me running on an empty-ish stomach is going to be best.

    I spent 8 year on acid reflux medication that i took first thing and had to wait 45minutes before eating. Ive weaned myself off them now but i still wait about an hour after waking up before i eat breakfast.

    No runs for me until monday though and my husband is on call so wether i get to try out mornings or not will depend on his work schedule. Thanks for the advice so far

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