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Advice/reassurance needed please

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I graduated last Monday and did a nice relaxed post graduation 32 minute run Wednesday. Unfortunately this was my last run, I wanted to attend park run so missed my Friday morning run and then I was struck down (courtesy of my youngest) by a virus and tonsillitis so never made it. I now feel well enough to complete a run in the morning after over a week off!!!! I went for a gentle mile walk this afternoon and my legs felt heavy and stiff. Help. Do I just go out and go for it and see how I do or shall I drop back through c25k to an easier week?

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Aaaw hard times Fitsticks😯.. tonsillitis can really sap your energy..

But you are a graduate...and if it was me I would 'try' for a nice gentle 30 minutes with Laura...either a W9 or Stepping Stones and just see how it feels. If you need to stop before the end (you may not) then you will have done the best you can at the moment.

I know I graduated ages ago so probably have more running under my belt, but recently was able to come back after a couple of months on the ic and still do 30 mins...once you've got it...😉

Good luck getting back out, but only go if you feel sure you are over that virus😊x

You are your own boss now and you know how C25K got you to graduation, so it is your call. Have a good rest. Getting well enough for strenuous exercise is not the same as being well enough to go to work.

I would say just go for a gentle run, see how long you can manage comfortably, up to 30 minutes. If you can only manage, say 20 minutes, then that would give you a gauge for following runs and maybe you could then try 25, followed by 28 or 30.

Take it easy, there is no rush.

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It's unlikely that your legs feel heavy & stiff from just a week off. But highly likely they feel like that post virus.

So don't worry that you've lost fitness, just do what you can, if you can. Viruses are nasty things & long after the symptoms have gone, the wee blighters can still cause havoc. 🤔

Gentle is fine. 😃

If you feel weak and tired you need to recover more. When you are recovered just go out and run. If you don't do 30 minutes don't sweat it. Do what you feel like. You certainly don't need to go back to the programme. Those stabiliser wheels are off. You are a runner now.

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thank you so much for your responses, the support on here is fantastic. The last time I completed C25K I gave up after a bout of illness and I am so determined not to let that happen this time. I honestly feel that I'll be ready to go in the morning, however if I wake up and don't feel like it I'll allow myself an extra recovery day or so. I'm just going to try for a nice gentle jog and see where it gets me. I'm excited to get my running shoes back on, I've missed it!

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I did it! 30 minutes of very slow and very steady 'running'. I got up and fought this battle, I'm back in the running shoes!

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runningDixxGraduate in reply to Fitsticks

Well done Fitsticks! I hope your recovery continues speedily!

I am in similar position- been unable to run for 10days & was nervous about how I would cope being only a few weeks post graduation- but it was sooo good to be back out there- I still can't believe I REALLY feel that!

Well done on graduating and commiserations on the tonsillitis - hope you're improving every day. I agree with everyone's replies and just wanted to add that although I graduated a month a go and usually run 4-5km/30-40mins 2-3 times a week, there are days when I am totally exhausted after work and have to have some little walking breaks during my runs. Be kind to yourself - it's not a crime to walk for a bit or run for less time. Hope you'll be back into the swing of things soon!

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