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Week five run three in the bag!

Boy was it tough. I knew that it was 90% mental, and about three minutes in I was thinking there was no way I was going to make it to the end. I thought positive though, and before I knew it, I was 10 minutes in and feeling pretty good. The next five minutes were uneventful (just how I like them), but the last five were pure torture. When I heard the music fading near the end I thought Laura was going to say one minute left but it was two. I nearly fell over with disappointment. But I pushed and pushed and made it to the end. What a sense of accomplishment! I was grinning the whole way home. I'm taking two days off to recover then straight into week six. My wife is two runs behind me so I'm going to go along with her when she does her 20 minutes for moral support. I could've done with someone behind me pushing me along!

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It's a wonderful feeling though isn't it. Well done. Tell your wife she's a very lucky woman.

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It's a massive high, isn't it? I'm just two runs ahead of you and I remember that feeling well. On to week 6!


That twenty minute run is a real milestone. Once you do that the belief grows. It will still be painful at times and there will be some tough runs but you will have many more highs to grin about. I think you are about to enter the addiction phase. Good luck


That high you get on completing W5R3 is something else, isn't it?

Good for you, and good luck for Week 6 and onwards.


Well done. Brilliant accomplishment.....BUT BEWARE WEEK 6! So many folks start week 6 with reckless bravado and end up finding it almost impossible. Treat it with respect and go steady and you'll sail through. I made the mistake of starting week 6 far too fast and ended up going home with my tail between my legs.

Well done again!


Well done Narmour! I felt just the same when Laura said 2 minutes to go but when she said that's it I felt as if I could have kept going!!

Good luck to your wife and hope you can do the run with her - just so that you can see the grin on her face when she finishes.


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