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Week 7 Run 3 - Extremely slow parkrun!

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I was running so slowly that I was with the tail runner within the first 2 minutes. She was lovely, and spent most of the time a few strides behind me so that I could get into my rhythm without worrying about talking to her. 

This week I was supposed to be running 25 minutes, but I struggled at the beginning, because the Southampton parkrun starts with a continuous incline for about 1.5km which was a shock to the system after my fairly flat runs during the week. 

However, I kept going through that and made it to the top of the hill and through the 25 minute barrier. I finally had a little walk after 37 minutes when I knew I wouldn't be able to get all the way to the end, and I wanted to build up some reserves for the finish. 

The last stretch of running was nice because it felt a little easier than before and because all the runners who had already finished were stopping to applaud me and give me encouragement along the way. I even managed to do a little sprint for the last few metres!

After I finished, the tail runner who had run with me a couple of weeks ago came and gave me a High Five! It's lovely to start recognising people and having people to talk to at the end.

This was my slowest parkrun at 52 minutes, because my running is considerably slower than my walking, but I got an immense sense of achievement out of it. Everyone was so supportive - I can't praise them enough!

Thanks to everyone on here too for helping me get this far!


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Well done. It's a tough go to have those long hills in there, but it sounds like you handled it like a pro. That's a major achievement to run that distance - before you've even finished the program!

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Well done thats amazing. It sounds like a tough course. Great job x

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Well done! This is exactly why I love parkrun, bet you'll have a grin on your face all day!


Well done! I finished my first parkrun today and there were only 12 people who finished behind me so there were plenty of people to talk to as they walked past me to their cars! Lol. Xx

very well done :)

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Well Done - It is a sneaky hill, that you don't really notice before running. Never run the actual Parkrun but know the common well, as I used to live opposite it :)

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well done, I think the sense of achievement is greater when the run is tougher! And that one sounds even hillier than mine, I'm now not scared of hills with the advice of slow slower and slowest, I was running(use the term loosely) up a hill today behind someone walking but I felt better that I ran it!

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Well done! If you were meant to only be going for 25 minutes and you kept going for 37, that's brilliant! You're not too far from me if Southampton is your local, I am from Hampshire but moved to Wiltshire last year! I know Southampton parkrun has lots of keen walkers and runners (never been myself) so it must have been pretty busy, I think it was one of the first outside of London. Is it all one lap? I might have to try it out one weekend when I am visiting my parents :) great that so many cheered you on! Well done again!

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HelenaShawGraduate in reply to sarah469

Thanks very much :-)

It was very busy - I managed to come in 941st out of 942 in the field!

It is a figure of 8 shaped route, so you do meet the faster runners in the middle who are just about to finish, but you don't get lapped several times!

I'm sure you'd love it if you could get there - the atmosphere is great! :-)

Well done Helena! That lady who was the tail runner at Southampton sounds lovely, in fact they all sound great.

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