The monster is slain – Week five, run three, I have you!

[Fireworks, cartwheels, cheers, champagne corks popping].

Did it, did it, did it!!!! Most inauspicious of circumstances beforehand. I had the night from hell courtesy of both my children. First off I had to wait up for my mother’s not very fast at all washing machine cycle to finish to hang clothes out so I had something to wear the following day. That meant no bed till 12.30am. Then my daughter woke crying twice in the next three hours which meant trips through to the room she is staying in during our visit, and converting the sofa bed to prepare for a possible third wake which would have entailed bedsharing with her. In the meantime, I was already sleeping next to my son, who decided to wake some time between four and five am and not go back to sleep. I finally managed to get him off again about 6.15 after feeding him when he complained of hunger. Then my daughter woke at 7.15…. As you can imagine, I felt about as lively as a dead cat. Plus the weather was blowing a northeaster and it just did not appeal.

But once again, the thought of the other C25Kers and 5x50ers out there pulled me through, so after a bit of lying down, I put on my gear and set off. When the big moment came and Laura told me to start running for 20 minutes, I had that northerly wind behind me and at one stage I could feel it almost lifting me through the air. Being a bit spaced from the night before actually worked in my favour I think, as running behind my sunglasses in not very sunny weather (protection for my contact lenses) gave me my own little bubble and I was in the zone (dead zone?). When I got to 10 minutes, I had a small head spin and wondered if I should have eaten more than a banana in four hours of being awake but fortunately I didn’t hit the deck. I knew after that point that I was going to be able to do it. At one stage I ran past a glass-sided café on the seafront full of people wrapped up to the nines and probably wondering what on earth had possessed me to run in this windy weather. When Laura said 15 minutes, I just marvelled at the fact that at the start of the week I had been worrying about running three separate lots of five minutes, and here I was with “only” five left to do. As she said that’s it and I came to a walk, I was amazed that I wasn’t even out of breath. I was very close to the café, and I was tempted to stop and do a bow – for my benefit if not theirs! I wanted a row of people to high five, to cheer me on, to shout to about my amazing achievement. I did it!! Can this really be me?

Thanks so much to everyone who left me messages of support yesterday. You are an amazing bunch of people. To anyone who is just starting out and doubting their ability to do longer runs, I just want to say have faith, keep running and you too will be preparing to take a bow in a few weeks.

Well done also to Helen28 who did this run today, and anyone else I may not know about. I was thinking about you on the run and wondering if you had already achieved it. The thought of virtual company kept me going.


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17 Replies

  • Well done on your achievement I now have been spurred on to try tomorrow. I had been putting it off after a stumble on tuesday I haven't been in the mood for running! But reading about your bad night and then going on to complete this made me feel a little pathetic. Thank you for being my inspiration

  • Well done Tati - wish I'd been there in the cafe to high five you! Lovely blog. :)

    Hope you get a much better night tonight. Goodness, I'm so glad I don't have to deal with nights like that any more! Ugh! Take care. :)

  • Lovely blog! And such an achievement in adversity :D

    Take a bow now and you'll hear us virtually clapping, cheering and high fiving you!

  • Well done!! You've done brilliantly - I wasn't as sleep deprived as you (we were only recovering from sleep overs!). The programme is great but this site and everyone's comments and support makes it better. Almost feel like I don't want to let this community down which is why I'm pushing hard to complete each run. Thought I'd would have had to repeat runs but so far not felt the need to (let's see what week 6 brings - 25 mins!!!). :)

  • Great blog!! Really lovely to hear that after all that you had to deal with beforehand it didn't stop you going out and nailing it!!

    I'm doing a high five and hope you got it ;-)

    Keep the feeling going for your next run and before you know it you're going to be getting a well deserved green badge next to your name :-)

    Keep running!!

    Ali :-)

  • Love the long blog ... What a stupendous achievement after such a rotten night! You deserve many high fives, rounds of applause and a great nights sleep tonight! All the very best as you move on to week 6. Will be joining everybody else in virtually spiriting you onwards towards graduation! :)

    Linda x

  • I'm going a bit misty-eyed here. Thank you so much for the lovely comments. Helen, I feel exactly the same. The thought of being able to report a run completed and not let the side down definitely spurs me on. And norabzil, I never thought I would hear anyone say I was an inspiration to them to run! This truly is a great community. Best of luck tomorrow. I'm taking on greenleg's mantra here - slow and steady, slow and steady. :-) It's the only way I've got this far.

  • You certainly were and thanks to your blog yesterday I now too have completed the monster that is week 5 run 3 :) Thank you

  • That's great! Well done.I'm having a few days off running before wk 6 now.

  • Hehe well done you on so little sleep, I'm with you on that one, with 3 children I've seen those all nighters (and they are no longer nightclubs) :-( just recently something similar happened but also had the dog wanting to go out every 5 mins, she ate a lamb bone out the bin and it didn't agree!!! But your a better woman than me because I put my run off til the next day!! Hats off to you :-) x

  • Well done!

    Take a virtual high-five from me!

  • Oh well done you! Have another high-five! Congratulations on cracking that 20 minute run. x

  • Wonderful blog Tati! Oh yes, that monster is well and truely slain, cut up and ditched; well done you and even more so after such a night! Big respect!! :D Lots of cheers and high fives from us all and your Challenge team mates too! ;) I'm not popping the champagne though until you graduate; its chillin nicely for you until then!

    Sue x

  • Bless your heart, wel done you, keep going, keep going!!

  • Fabulous blog, it made me smile. :-) Very well done of finishing the 20 minutes.

  • High 5 Tati, you didn't just complete that run, you did it in true style. Most people after just a couple of hours sleep would have put it off for another day, your one very determined girl. Nice blog :)

  • Top stuff!!!! Big congrats on your achievement - I will be thinking of you and Helen when it is my turn on Monday. You are amazing !!! X

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