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Week 4 Run 2 in the bag!

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I was a bit unsure if I'd manage this one today as I haven't run since Sunday but it was fine and I completed it. Again I couldn't believe I was only two and a half minutes into the run when I was told "you're halfway there" It felt like 4!

it was quite cool when I started so I wore a long sleeve top but felt it towards the end. I've also thought maybe I should drink lots of water before I run as I find half way through the run I get so thirsty.

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Well done! Think when I hit 4 it was a feeling of "oh,really??!!" and then a big grin - weird! Wouldn't take too much water on before running in case of any stitch issues,etc having a little before and after does the trick :)

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debzeGraduate in reply to

It is a good feeling when you don't think you can do it..then you do! :)

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Well done Debze, youre doing great , keep going ! :-) xxx

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debzeGraduate in reply to poppypug

thank you! :) x

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Onward and upward, well done you!

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debzeGraduate in reply to Oldfloss

thank you! :)

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Well done on completing run 2 of week 4 debze. Just one more run (which you know you can do) then you're onto week 5 with me. You're doing great, so keep it up! :)

As for the drinking lots of water before you start. I don't think that's a good idea...maybe carrying a small bottle with you to have a swig every so often would be better?

It's strange, but when I first started I was so in need of a big glass of water (or any cold drink) after completing a run, but the last week or two I haven't really felt that thirst when I've finished. :)

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debzeGraduate in reply to Lee337

Thank you! Yep I think I'll invest in a bottle I can carry as I think it would help. It's exciting and daunting at the same time looking at the longer runs..thinking can I achieve it but then being elated when you do lol

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Lee337Graduate in reply to debze

Yeah, it is a great sense of achievement isn't it when you successfully complete a week without injury or too many niggles. Good luck on your week 5.

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Hello Debze, I'm about at the same level as you just completed run 3. Keep it up! It's great when there's a gang all doing the same week together. :)

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debzeGraduate in reply to SexyBexy

I think it's great as it really spurs me on :)

Well done. Just done the same run myself, time seemed to stand still mid run!!

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