Premature Speedaculation!

Went out this morning and attempted my 5K route using a new tactic - (yet another bloomin' new tactic...!). To run the first 2 K's as fast as possible and then see what happened.

I set off like a rocket. Smoke came from my running shoes, my skin looked like I'd had a terrible facelift by an unqualified dodgy backstreet plastic surgeon, people out walking with their dogs leapt out of my way to avoid a high speed collision.....

OK, I wasn't THAT fast. But I went at a fair old pace and managed to keep it up (stop it!) for about half way round my route. Then disaster struck. My cheery podcast I'd chosen for the run (Radio 4's Friday News Quiz, which was hilarious) couldn't keep my spirits ups. I was hit by a cloud of misery and felt pretty low and generally bleuughh. My legs gave up. I still had 2.5K to go but I just couldn't face it. I slowed to a walk. A walk of defeat and annoyance.

I got home and moaned to Mrs Dan that I'd failed. That I was no longer worthy of my running gear. She told me to stop being a stupid idiot, and to shut the hell up! Her pep talk worked as I mused about how far I could have run this time last answer was about 10 feet!!!

As I lay in my jacuzzi, the jets massaging my joints, I had a look at my Endomondo app and went "What the ****??!" Although I didn't complete an entire 5K, I had sloped around 4.7K and two of the kilometres were fast (for me) 5'31 and 5'41 with the added bonus of running my fastest single kilometre - 5'15.

I guess it doesn't matter how down you feel, if you just get out there and do something you'll burn calories, help your heart, lower your cholesterol and possibly end up with a surprising stat or two.

The fact was, I think I'd shot my bolt too soon. I went out too fast when I should've kept to my usual pace. I am still niggled by my PB way back in early July and want to beat it, so today was some sort of attempt to do that - but it backfired! Oh well, there's always the next run...

Thanks for reading.


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14 Replies

  • Haha Dan your a nut case but lovable with it. Poor Mrs Dan has a lot to put up with, I mean as I quote "I am no longer worthy of my running gear" I'll bet she couldn't keep a straight face as she shouted at you :) On a more serious note, why not try that fast burst of speed but make it shorter, then recover by slow jog or walk. This is what I've been doing with Jog Scotland and although I puff and pant my recovery time is now quite short.

    I'm not sure if it will work for a faster 5K run yet, still to be tried and tested (tomorrow maybe) :)

  • Good idea Oldgirl. Thanks! Yes and you're right......Mrs Dan has a tough time with her overly dramatic husband....!! :-)

  • I know it's hard to hold off but there is lots of advice out there to prevent you 'shooting your bolt' too soon ... Your stats are good so don't throw out your gear yet, and give Mrs Dan a nice treat for being your 'coach'.. And jacuzzi ...flipping heck I'm jealous!!

  • Juju what are you saying?!!!! Advice for shooting my bolt too soon?!!

    Seriously though, Mrs D is spoiled rotten every day. So no worries there. The jacuzzi was something I insisted on when fitting our new luxury marble bathroom! If you can't live like a film star the what's the point!!!

  • Ooh laa laa!! Glad mrs dan is spoilt... And I'd love to know your secret for loving like a film star... The nearest I get is getting Grazia every week !!

  • Oh whoops I meant living!!!!!!

  • You were right the first time!

  • I will resist, I will resist, I will resist :D I hope this is the only time Mrs. Dan shouts at you, though! (okay, sorry, my willpower isn't that great after all) I'd be seriously impressed by a 5'15km, personally - I think that's amazing. And yes, you are so right about just getting on with it anyway. I took my daughter out for Week 2, expecting not to do much, and we covered just over 4k. Have a happy next run :)

  • Thank you for your kind words of encouragement! I deserve everything Mrs Dan gives me cos I'm a bloomin nightmare!!

  • Well done Dan, you got out there, you got great times and were not far off the 5K, I know it is soul destroying when you shoot too soon and have nothing left, but it is a learning curve and count this as a lesson learnt, great post, happy running for the future :-)

  • Thanks Tor!

  • Sounds like you are in need of a good interval running program. Then perhaps Mrs D can keep that Jacuzzi warm while you are out improving your times.

  • I shall trawl the podcast section of iTunes in search of one. Thanks RNW.

  • I have just installed Runkeeper to replace Endomondo, which measures the same route at 6.66k and 7.05 and giving me some suspiciously good PBs. Runkeeper creates interval progammes for you with fully timed workouts. I am going to try it out tomorrow and will report back. Don't mention massaging jacuzzis or Mrs daTruffe will want one and I am too busy running to fit it.

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