It's all very mental. Running. The preparation and the planning that your brain deals with has a direct link to how your body will react. Most recently I had the exciting pleasure of completing two 10K runs, which I had been trying to do for MONTHS! Just couldn't seem to get there, but then suddenly - I did it. Twice. But how?

I awoke this morning and opened my running gear drawer. "What colour shall I wear today?" I mused. I selected BLUE. Blue T shirt, blue leggings (with yellow go faster stripe folks!), and blue socks. My compression shorts were black though, but seeing as they were underneath my leggings, no-one would see. The compression shorts keep everything in place and I must say, I'm a big fan. So to all you chaps out there, swinging about like birthday balloons in the wind - get yourself a pair!

The hip 'n Glute exercises ARE paying off. I can definitely feel stronger muscles in my upper legs and hips and the troublesome lower legs have had a bit of respite because of this - ergo, no leg discomfort! I'd decided to do 5K this morning. "I'm off out now darling!" - "Ok. You doing 10K again?" - "Not today. Just 5K this morning" - "Oooooh get you. "Just" 5K!!". I was sounding like a runner......

I headed out the door feeling bloody brilliant and once I'd set Endomondo off, I too was off! I started FAST. Really fast and the first K went in a flash. The 2nd was even faster. I wasn't jogging here, I was running. I started to wonder why I had this incredible energy, but then quickly dismissed that thought and enjoyed my speed. I had to overtake three ladies who were walking along the pavement and I'm sure they would have heard that formula one sound "Eeeeeeeeowwwwwwwww" as I passed!

K3 was slower. I was paying the price for the speedy "out of the blocks" two K's I'd just done. I told myself that all was well though and to relax. I find talking to myself during my runs most helpful, and I managed to slow down, get my breath back and to keep the mental image of my legs running in a circular bicycle motion. Then I thought about landing mid foot and before too long, I had another spring in my step. Literally! K4 was slow / jog'ish and K5 was FAST. I stopped running and walked, fishing my phone out as I moved briskly along to see how I'd done - 28'25, so not too bad. Every kilometre was under 6 mins.

As I walked home I thought that there was NO WAY I could have run 10K today. I had mentally prepared to run 5 and I did. The time now isn't really important to me because having accomplished the longer distance of 10K I am more into working out WHAT the best speed is for that. But I get back to my initial point - running is mental. I posed this theory to Mrs Dan a bit later on and she summed it up beautifully....

"Well that's why running is perfect for you Dan. You're mental!"

And with that, she bounced off to bake some muffins......Lucky me eh?!

Happy running folks.


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34 Replies

  • All true - very true, newbies! :)

  • Mental or not we are all just as hooked on this running malarkey Dan. Well done a very fast 5K time. :)

  • Thanks oldgirl. Hooked is the right word.

  • Any muffins for me?? I wish..... LOL. Deffo true. When I'm not running, I'm thinking about my next workout plan and next run, weather, breathing etc. We have to be geared up to face the elements, leave the front door in our get up gear and shift ourselves. LOL. I've realised though in all this, that I have to do this for my health. For myself and no-one else. I agree that running is mental...even down to the point where you hit the wall in a run...and need to tell yourself to shift... :-D

  • Amen to that.

  • Now I know why I am enjoying it all so much! Mental! Well done Dan, a great time. x

  • Thank you.

  • We are all mental together , & we wouldn't want it any other way . Ha ha hee hee.

  • Yep! There's safety in numbers....

  • Yes completely agree - I can go from running a 10km feeling ok at the 5km mark and finishing it ok to the next time knowing I am running a 5km and thinking at the 3km gosh this is hard how did I run the 10 k a few days ago! I came to same conclusion that it's all mental!

  • Great minds and all that....!

  • I wondered what it was that kept us all going - I'm mental now, yippee. Due to go out and be mental tomorrow! Thank you again for a very humorous and inspiring post. Best wishes.

  • Cheers fitmo. Enjoy your run today

  • I totally agree. Did my first broken 5km today but it has been a mental block for months. I just feel it will get better from now. Great 5km time. You are just going from strength to strength now. That physio and stretches is working wonders.

  • Well done RFC. I read your post about it - and the water incident, you nutter! Hahaha!

  • yes you're right Dan it definitely mind over matter that gets us through, set your sights on a goal and tell yourself you can do it and you are most of the way there, sometimes easier said than done! your cycling tip came in my head yesterday when bobbing along, im not doing that well with it yet tho! i'm with you all- think we are all slightly mad but if it helps who cares! :)

    ps may have to do muffins tomorrow eve,after my SW weigh in, depending on if my muffin top has shrunk, heres hoping !

  • Cranberry muffins. Low fat. Guilt free. They were deeeeelish!

  • Well done you and happy muffins ;)

  • Thank you juju. They were a tad magnificent...

  • Great post Danzargo, you always make me smile :)

    I've signed up for a 10k run in the summer and I really can't seem to get past 5k! But you're right, it is about getting your mind in the right frame set so ill just get rid of the gremlin saying I'm not going to get past the 5k and punch it in the face whilst I run on to 6k!

  • Go fentaz ! And don't take no ****!!

  • I've said it before - and I will keep saying it --:) -- try some walk breaks interspersed in your run.

  • I already do. See my post on my first 10K.

  • I'm with you too. I frequently tell myself I'm 'just' going for a 5k though (or shorter) and then make bargains - to run more than 7k for a glass of wine or just to get to next corner/hill/signpost.

    I'm at 8.5k happily - I did 9.5k but it was hard work. Next stop 9.5 again then magic 10! I've 6 weeks.

  • Well done liquoricet. I'm loving the glass of wine reward idea....

  • I've often said it's 50% physical and 100% mental, and you've just confirmed that Dan ;)

  • You could be Chancellor of the Exchequer with maths like that oldned!!

  • 100% mental! To this day I don't know how I ran a half marathon. 2 days ago 5k was a nightmare!! Keep running and happy muffins!

  • You ran half a marathon? Good grief! That's amaze balls.....takes hat off....

  • Giddy with success after completing a 10k race, I stupidly signed up straight away for a half! I learned a lesson that day - take time to mull it over! HM done in 2h15m. Haven't run further than 10k since!!

  • Well done Dan, it's sounds like you had one heck of a good run.

  • Thanks Jenner(78)..... how are you getting on these days?

  • Really well thank you. I have been so busy with uni that I haven't been able to post much. I have my first half marathon next month and last night the hubby entered us for next years Brighton Marathon. I've been working on my distances but now I want to start doing some speed and hills work, although I find hills a killer

  • You have a lovely wife - with a line in pithy phrases:-)

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