How I have missed you all. No, really I have. I've just got back from a stupendously superb holiday in Paphos, Cyprus where my body has turned a rather fetching shade of bronze!

Despite being a complete lazy slob by day and a boozed up old soak at night, I did manage to keep my running regime in check. On my first outing I decided to retrace my footsteps along the coastal path of the Eastern Med from our hotel into Paphos harbour, where just a year ago I was working my way through C25K on weeks 3 & 4. This year though was soooooo hot and I set off at 5.30pm in temps of 30C. I thought - "I've got my bottle of water. I'm fit. I've not drunk any beer since lunchtime. I'll be fine!"

OH BOY!! It was HARD! But I did manage to jog along right by the edge of the sea into the town and back again, covering a 5K distance in around 30 minutes. I was sweating like a racehorse by the time I'd finished and honestly thought I may have overdone it, as I felt a bit dizzy when I got the lift back to our room where Mrs Dan was waiting with an ice cold raspberry cosmopolitan cocktail!! She sat me down and told me to calm down and gave me words of encouragement like "You're insane to run in this heat!". It helped actually because later that evening we decided to look in at the hotel gym, just to see what it was like. It was deserted (obviously - everyone was on holiday!) and we decided to give it a whirl in a couple of days time - me on the treadmill and Mrs Dan doing her pilates on the mat AND ALL IN AIR CONDITIONING! Get iiiiiin!

Two days later this is exactly what we did. I'd never run on a treadmill before and wondered what it would be like. I love running outdoors but frankly this was the only option available to me. I sure as hell wasn't gonna get up at 5am when it was cool to run outside - I WAS ON HOLS FOR GAWDS SAKE! Plus, I couldn't run at around 7.30pm when it was cooler cos that's when we dressed up for dinner and cocktails daaarrrlling!! So treadmill it was.

I found it a strange sensation, running on the spot and not seeing anything go by. I fiddled around with the speed switch and sort of made up a intervals session - going fast for a few minutes then slow, then repeat etc. I managed 5K and didn't feel any strain at all on my legs or bum muscles. After around 40 minutes on the thing, Mrs Dan was finishing up her pilates, so I did my stretches and that was that. But despite the boring repetitiveness of the treadmill at least I wasn't going to have a heart attack in 30+ degree heat - although, I was sweating like I've never sweated before. I was drenched and looked like I'd been dunked in a barrel of water!

Next day I did another treadmill special and wondered if the running mat on the machine is cushioned in some way? I never really felt I'd run really, and if it wasn't for the sweat pouring from my pores, I didn't feel the usual "ache" so to speak (if you know what I mean?). All in all, I managed 4 treadmill runs and the outside coastal path one which totalled 5 runs, so I was very pleased I'd managed to burn a few of the excessive eating and drinking calories off!

Back in the UK last night, I got up this morning and went for a 5K along my usual route and found it absolutely gorgeous. I really must do another 10K soon cos it's been a month since my "fun run" and I'd like to get back knowing I can do that distance without any trouble. But todays 5 was very good - 28'49 and boy, did I feel it! My legs and bum are doing their usual "Owww!" thing, but in a manageable way!

Hope life is treating you all well and running is continuing to make life feel more great!

Tally ho for now



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22 Replies

  • me, notbad and fitfor60 met today for a parkrun (followed by cake obviously) and were pondering where our Dan was and what you were up to :) glad you had a good holiday!

  • Why thank you :-)

  • Well done Dan sounds like you and Mrs Dan had a good holiday, your bronzed bod will certainly get you noticed more on your local runs I am sure. I know treadmills are boring but they do help out in really hot and really cold weather but will never be a favourite

  • Welcome back to Blighty Danzargo. Top marks for keeping up the running during your hols, despite the heat and the cocktails. Looking forward to running in the rain again?

  • Sounds like a great holiday and taking to the treadmill sounded like a good move ;)

  • Welcome back. Glad you enjoyed your hols and are ready (hopefully) for a year of long runs!

    Happy running

  • Welcome back Dan! See you out there soon perhaps! :) I found the same thing on the treadmill - like running on a sponge!

  • Glad to hear you had a good holiday. You obviously brought the sunshine back with you. Thank you :-)

  • Welcome back Dan! Sounds like a wonderful holiday - I quite fancy Paphos as a destination! Know what you mean about the treadmill, I ran on one for the first time last week while trying on new shoes and was bored to tears after less than a minute, but think if it was that or 30deg, I'd go for the 'mill! ;-)

  • Paphos is fabulous and wonderful for relaxing (when you get to my age anyway!). The treadmill was boring but of course you're right - running when it's too hot aint for me!

  • Well done Dan for keeping up with the running on your hols. I did the same on holiday recently, I just couldn't get up early enough to run when it was cool. The treadmill was kinder on the joints but I felt like I was still moving once I jumped off! Anyway, glad you had a good hol, and hope all goes well on your next 10k x :-)

  • Merci beaucoup!

  • Good holiday was had by you both then, well done young man, your the man ;)

  • Fank babe! You DA Wooman!

  • Great to see you back, I found running on holiday a strange one. It's a differnt sort of heat to here if that makes sense. Well done for finding a way round it. Looking forward to hearing about your next 10k.

  • Happy to hear you and Mrs Dan had a super holiday in my adopted home town Mr Dan!

    The post-run raspberry cosmopolitan is a very delicious idea!

    Ever so slightly disappointed you haven't been out there sharing our current running weather; i can see how it could be awkward, time-wise, balancing running with dressing for dinner :-) On the other side it's always good to try something new on your hols and if that was the treadmill with a/c then it's all good; burning off keo, squidgy underfoot; leave the scorching sun for tanning duties only etc etc :-)

    Bet you're glad to be back under the gentle English rays and yes, thanks, my attempts at running DO make life MORE great!

  • Ah thanks boPeep9009! Have rather fallen in love with Cyprus having been there 4 times in the last 6 years.

  • sounds like a fabulous holiday.. BUT...TREADMILL????????? The God of panthering ( me!!!) will strike you down for pretending rather than paying with running should have got up at 4 and enjoyed the glorious beauty!!!!!!! ........tut tut ( at least you ran though...)

  • I know I know......give us a break babe!!! All I can say is that I bet YOU couldn't get up at 4am having consumed what I'd had the evening before :-) !!! Have to say though, it was a good feeling mentally that I'd done something, even if it WAS on the treadmill.

  • Welcome back Dan, as Lovefood says we were wondering about you as we chatted after Parkrun today - glad to read you had such a brill holiday, you are good going on the treadmill. :-)

  • Bless you my child! Where is your parkrun?

  • Whitley Bay (it was yesterday not today), so you have your own exclusive fan base up North. :-)

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