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Hi everyone,

Just wanted to report that I completed the last run in the program yesterday:) It was so great, run nr. 2 was really hard but this one was a breeze:) I ran a new route I had been saving for the occasion and it just felt wonderful. It also helped that I had a green smoothie an hour before the run vs in run 2 I hadn't eaten well before and it was just very hard. I'm so happy and proud of myself to have completed the program and now I'm just thinking where to go from here. Any advice from you fellow graduates? I see there are available programs called stamina and stepping stones and maybe a third one? Have you tried those or did you continue to do week 9 for a while? All the best to everyone here:)

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Yay, congratulations! I tried Speed, Stamina and Stepping Stones with varying levels of success to start with, but I like them all now. Happy running, whatever you choose to do :)


Many congratulations splenda78, that's great news. Well done you!! Have you applied for your badge yet?

No advice on the next stage I'm afraid as I haven't quite graduated yet, but like you I'm not at all sure what I'll do afterwards. I will be watching how you get on with interest!


Congratulations!!! You have every right to feel proud! It's a great achievement!

I'm newly graduated and I signed up for my first Parkrun which u enjoyed and was great as a post graduation challenge. I haven't tried the c25k+ podcasts yet but I'm looking forward to trying Speed!

Well done again!


Well done for finishing!

I'm doing 3 runs each week- 1. 20 mins (w5r3) 2. 30 mins (w9) and 3. 40 mins (w1 of b210k).

I'm planning to do a park run - maybe Saturday- or maybe I'll just watch this week ;)


Thanks for the answers everyone:) Yes, I've applied for a badge, look forward to get it. Nice to get some input in what everyone are doing post graduation:)


Well done - hope you will enjoy many years of running! :)

I haven't used the c25k+ podcasts, as I decided I preferred running without music, so I've done all sorts of variations of runs - slower, longer, faster, shorter etc. Then I didn't do much over the summer when it was hotter, and now I've started doing a mile run most days and a longer one once a week-ish, but no particular plan in mind. I enjoy the shorter runs more at the moment, so that's what I'm doing more of, but expect I'll change again in a while.


Congratulations and very well done!!! Lots of luck with your post grad running. We've decided to stick with wk9 for our first 2 weekly runs and then the 3rd run we will increase the time/distance. Also will run with a group in the park for at least one of our runs


Well done for getting there and BIG congratulations to you!

Enjoy your future runs and keep posting your progress.

Where's your badge then ?


Congratulations, well done, :-)

I just graduated today, am still feeling pretty high :-)

next week I embark on the fivers (ten weeks of 5x 5K-not as bad as it sounds, run 5K Mon, Wed, Fri, swim half hour Tue and Walk 5K Thu) Then I plan on moving on to the bridge to 10K Programme which sounds really challenging! From there who knows? :-)


Great, thanks again for the replies and it's great to hear everyone's post graduation plans, now I have lots of ideas on where to go from here:)


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