Graduations getting steep!

I haven't ran track for 36 years. I smoked 11 years then after 15 years I smoke 5 years. I have been without smoke for 6 years now. I did much worse things to my body than smoke cigarettes over the years too, including smoking other things. I also was a painter so I am sure I have subjected my lungs to more than the things I smoked.

Today the program calls for me to advance to 3 minute jogs. I just barely accomplish 2 minute jogs! Aye aye aye.

Today, I'll do my best to hit the 3 minutes. I am fairly certain I'll be re-doing the 3 minute jogs next week. Then they jump me to 4 minute runs! Wow! I will do this but maybe not at the rate the program is set for. They must think I am 25 years old! I'm about to be 53 btw.

I seriously had no idea how out of shape I was.

In 2005 I was doing 225 sit ups a day 25 at a time. Now I am doing 5 at a time and just a few times.

In 2005 I was doing countless push up a day in sets of 25 -30. Now I am doing 5 at a time and just a few times.

In 2005 I was doing 3000 stairs a day. Real stairs. Today I feel like my knees and hips are going to pop out after about 20.

Lord help me.

I don't know what kicked in but I must restore my self back to some semblance of acceptable fitness.

I will gladly appreciate prayers from those who pray.

Today is a jump to a few 3 minutes jogs. Like I said, I haven't ran since high school - 36 years ago.

Today is:

Warm up 5:00

Jog 1:30 walk 1:30 x2

Jog 3:00 walk 2:00

Jog 3:00 walk 300

Jog 3:00 walk 1:00

Cool down 4:00

30 minutes

I am sure I'll be hitting this again next week. I am thinking I'll do this all next week before jumping to the next level which is:

warm up 5:00

Run 4:00 walk 2:00

Run 5:00 walk 2:00

Run 3:00 walk 2:00

Run 3:00

Cool down 4:00

30 minutes

Suddenly these graduations are getting steep.

I am aimed at running a full 3.1 miles of terrain which includes ascents and descents. I am impressed at how the body does improve so rapidly. I thought I was going to die after running merely 30 yards the first day. Now I am running 330 yards. So in three weeks I am running 10 times better. lol.

Lord help this old man. Pray no injuries or other prohibitive things to interfere please.


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10 Replies

  • You've done the hardest part - you've made the decision to change and you've made a start! Slow and steady, slow and steady. 

    Congratulate yourself on every success and keep moving forward. The programme is designed to train your mind as much as your body, so trust it and have faith in yourself. You're never going to be 20 again, but you can be a fitter 53-yr old!

    Keep up the good work! 🏃🏻

  • I am 59 and an ex smoker also, 2 years 2 months + I now can run 12k and on average run 3 times a week.. the rewards are there for you 😊

    Follow the program, take each run as it comes , slow and steady and believe in yourself .. 

    Each step is a step away from the past, keep taking those steps 😊

  • Yes sir thank you  - 12K!  Awesome.

  • Well done, great start. As long as you stay consistent, you will make progress, and if you stay sensible you will avoid injury. Repeat sections as often as you need, but always keep moving forward. Look forward to hearing your progress.

  • You are definitely right. Almost injured myself today. I wanted to add a 50 yard dash after the workout. I felt my sartorius pull and cramp suddenly after I launched  so by 15 - 20 yards I was halting my dash. Darn it. I'll try again next week.

  • Ha! Well, I'll be darned, After praying around the track during warm up for the Lord to strengthen me and empower me to complete this session, guess what? I completed it! I did not believe I would complete this one. I seriously did not think I'd  do it. The first two 90 second jogs were killing me. My breathing was way too labored and my ribs were hurting. The two minute was a bit easier. Then the three minutes went way easy. I asked the Lord and with His help, I did it.

    Today was:

    Walk .5 miles


    Warm up 5:00

    Jog 1:30 walk 1:30 x2

    Jog 3:00 walk 2:00

    Jog 3:00 walk 3:00

    Jog 3:00 walk 1:00

    Cool down 4:00

    30 minutes 2.7 miles 14.28 min/mi


    Walk home .5 miles

    total 3.7 miles

    5K April 30 - I won't be ready to run this whole thing obviously but I will complete with walk and run combo. I started this merely to lose some weight. A 5K app training program seemed like a good way to get in shape. 

  • Well done ! You are doing great, you really are !

    Keep going and keep posting, I enjoy reading your posts :-) xxx

  • Slow down... take it steady... just go with the programme and enjoy the journey!

    Keep it simple, keep it easy, and just travel onwards. :)

    Success is a journey of many steps... but we slow step at a time :)

  • Welcome to the forum you are doing just fine.  Great attitude with the walk run on the 30th,  if you just listening to what your body is telling you you will progress at your own speed and you will be very surprised at how far these bodies can take us.  I'm 50 this year and never imagined I would take up running in my late 40's and have so much fun with it. 

  • Hey, not old - plenty of us have started this programme later in life and gone on to surprise ourselves. Just take it at your own pace, repeat runs if you need to. Every step you take is making you stronger!

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