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Hi everyone!! So.. as i'm nearing the end of the program, I am curious as to what the hardest week (or weeks) was for everyone! I'm not sure.. maybe this has been asked before or done in a poll... but anyways, just curious!

So.. what was it for you? I think my absolute hardest weeks were week 1 and 2 (equally)... This was the time where I really didn't understand how slowly I must run in order to build up that stamina. My shins, calves, ankles, knees, etc... all hurt. And it was OH SO HOT! Humidity here is no joke! So.. even though each week had its challenges, I do believe my hardest was week 1 and 2!

Anyone else care to answer?!


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47 Replies

  • Each week has had it's challenges for me. Week 1 I never in a million years thought I'd do. Today's run (the third of week 8) was a hard one strangely. But I am looking forward to graduating next Wednesday. I've loved the journey and thank everyone here for support.

  • Yes the journey has been amazing that's for sure!!! And it took me about a month to get through week 1 (maybe longer)... so that very well could have contributed to why mine was so rough!

  • probably week one. i still remember doing the first minute of the plan so clearly. :D

  • I remember stopping to stretch during one of my 90 second runs on week 2... because my calves were in such pain! I know EXACTLY the place i was too!!

  • Personally i found Week 8 the worst cos i had lost my mojo a bit, the first 6-7 weeks i was looking forward to each run, and couldnt wait to get out there, then suddenly at Week 8 i just couldnt be bothered.

    Luckily i finished Week 8 last night, and now in a much better frame of mind and looking forward to my first ParkRun on Saturday!

  • Great Job for finishing week 8!! You are so close now! Good luck with the Park Run!!!

  • Thank you

  • This is exactly how I’m feeling right now, wk 8 run 2 on Saturday but really struggled with run 1 so not looking forward to it

  • You will be fine - it was all in my head. Slowed down the next runs and seemed to enjoy it a lot more.

    Feel a bigger sense of accomplishment now too.

  • You can do it!!! :)

  • Definitely ‘Weak one!!! ‘ that’s why I renamed it!!! Phew that was tough!!! Then week 6...after the elation of W5R3 I was all cocky...soon changed that!!! 🙄

  • Haha!! I think "WEAK" One is a great name for that!!! And yes... I think week 6 catches a bunch of people "off guard"!

  • Me too! I think I actually cried during it out of frustration and bewilderment!

  • Don't know if I had any bad weeks but I had bad runs dotted throughout. I remember really struggling in the 4th run of the first day. That was a bit of a pattern. If I struggled at all it was usually before the half-way mark. Getting over the half-way point gave me a boost and things usually went well after that. Didn't much enjoy WK 6 runs 1 & 2 (over-confident, going too fast) but really enjoyed run 3. Then was doing fine until last run of week 8 which was awful for some reason. But then pretty much sailed through week 9.

    Looking back, the mental challenge is a huge part and this forum is great for helping with that.

  • I think i'm so different than everyone else! Probably because I had "prepared" my mind.. but to me the physical demands were worse than the mental!!

    I do agree on the "struggle" runs! I personally found week 5 run 2 to be pretty difficult... but part of that was me running from a "creeper" van that probably wasn't dangerous at all... but it scared me anyhow!

    I'm just thankful to be ALMOST finished with the program... so I can now keep running forever. lol!

  • All hard in their own way. The one where I wouldn't have minded dying so it ended during it was week 5 Run 3.

  • Haha the first "long" run!!! I think this one definitely is hard for lots of people!

  • Definitely Week 6. Such a drain on energy after the high of W5R3, and the mistaken belief that interval running would be a doddle after that.

  • Week 6 wasn't quite as difficult for me... but I do agree it wasn't a "walk in the park" either! I was still welcoming the intervals at this point!

  • Week 6 without a doubt. W6R1 first time around complete and utter cock-up, followed by a better re-run, But runs 2 and 3 even though completed were still hard. That was one week I was happy to consign to the f...kit bucket.

  • Hey but you finished them!! And that week is long in the past now! :)

  • I found the warm up walk for run 1 week 1 the toughest because I was hugely uncertain if my legs would know what the faster walking (running!!) bit was and refuse at the first!! There were a few little frights along the way but the programme gently persuades you to take it in your stride as it were.

    Good luck with the rest of your C25K adventure, that shiny badge is getting ever closer!

  • Yes!! 2 runs left!! I cannot believe it!! :)

  • Week 1 as the self belief was rock bottom but Week 6 was tough for me

  • Great Job for pushing through!

  • 1st run 1st week.. the only one :)

  • Lol that one was SO difficult for sure!

  • It was... eeek!

  • Weak 1 run 1 - the longest 60 seconds of my life! Now I run 30 mins no bother! C25K is magic!

  • Yes!! Definitely was a VERY long 60 seconds!!

  • For me week 7 - my brain just thought

    " Oh no, longer and longer runs is all I am facing now- I felt wilted just thinking about it! ( 'Cos I loved the intervals in W6 - I knew I could do it.)

    Then when I ran during W7, (& managed fine) my brain kept whinging "Urgh do I REALLY have to go all that way without a restoring walk??" So I did a lot of saying "Shut up" to the whinges & distracting myself- "oh look at that dog, oh look at that flower, oh look at that FAST runner,(hmmm - he didn't even smile at me), oh Laura why didn't you choose better music?...."

    By W8 it all felt quite ok! Must have a fickle snail brain!!😂

  • Haha!!! The "Oh look" statements.... YES!!!!! Anything to distract me! And the music.. I just gave up on podcasts once I hit week 7! I listen to my own music now and it's much better for me!! I can sing and dance along... sort of! ;)

  • Dance runner - love it! 😀

  • Week 7 for me too. I switched to my Zombie app to distract myself from the gremlins...

  • You should be a spokesperson for the Zombie App!

  • Perhaps I should stop mentioning it... I don't want to be a shill, I just like it. But I'm sure there are many other very good choices!

  • No harm done!!!!

  • Probably weeks 1 to 9, 😂. Now I can't quite believe that I have run 5k just about 13 weeks after starting c25k. Each run had its challenges but just believe you can do it and you will 🏃‍♀️

  • Haha!!!! That's a funny one! ;) yes they have definitely all had their challenged for sure!!

  • For me weirdly it was week 3 that stands out as particularly tough! Don't know why. I seem to be unusual on that one. But it spurred me on to my first post here. The day after week 1 run 1 was tough too - hobbled with my aching legs to the local sports shed to buy Actual Running Shoes.

    At week 6 I started to need practice runs but they weren't all because they were physically 'hard' or at least not harder than I found others - one was due to tech gremlins, another due to accidentally attempting a steep hill.

  • Yeah, I think I enjoyed week 3 more because that's when I got my running shoes!

    I haven't experienced a practice run yet (besides week 1), but i have had some "extra rest days" thrown in here and there! ;)

  • I found each week brought new challenges along with new fears that I wouldn’t be able to complete the run. But I’m a stubborn bugger and persevered to the end . I think for me the runs without a break were the toughest not physically but mentally as my head told me I couldn’t do it before my legs had the chance to prove otherwise . However I carried on and graduated nearly 2 weeks since and have since run with just music and me . Good luck 😉 x

  • Great job!! How are your consolidation runs going??!

  • Pretty good at the min . Think I prefer the colder weather as I don’t wanna gang about . Just running at the min , me and music and choosing a route . Sometimes I’ve ran 6k others 4 but I’m happy with that x

  • Oh that's awesome!! I graduate (hopefully) this evening... and then consolidation for a little while!

  • Week 1 of course and then Week 9 - felt like a bit of an anti-climax after you'be proved to yourself you can do the 30 mins. However actually still loved it all 😊

  • Yes!!!! I only have my graduation run left... but since I have already done 30 mins it does seem like an anti-climax! 😂

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