Week one run one

Hi everyone first run yesterday and so pleased that I didn't expire. I think I was under 5 years old the last time I ran because I wanted to but a three stone weight loss with about at least another four to go has inspired me to do something. My legs are suffering this morning wished I lived in a bungalow as I am ok on the flat but stairs ouch! Any recommendations to make this easier am using freeze gel on legs and uber fit daughter said cold water on muscles, anything else?? Run two I am going to do laps of the village cricket pitch on grass yesterday's was on the roads Thanks everyone x

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  • Hi there, don't really have any tips for the legs but looking for some myself. I'm the same as you. Did W1 R1 last night and haven't ran since school (which was over 20 years ago)! Really enjoyed it though it was hard.

  • Yes surprisingly I enjoyed it too and not too bad today apart from walking down stairs poor old quadriceps complaining. Still going out again tomorrow they will have to get used to it ;) I can just remember school about 35 years ago now! Where did that time go. Good luck with your programme we can encourage each other

  • Well done on the weight loss by the way!

  • Congratulations and well done on completing your first run. I remember the front of my thighs were very sore in the beginning. Did you do your stretches there on some really good ones on the cto5k web page. Also a firm massage may help. Good luck with your next run.

  • I will give them a try thankyou

  • Congratulations on your first run ... I'm in Wk4 so know what you are going through. I've started following the Strength and Flexibility podcasts alongside the C25K podcasts. I run one day and do the flexibility podcast on the next. It gives you some really good exercises that seem to be lengthening me (and at 5ft 4 inches and weighing in at an impressive 14 stone plus I need all the length I can get :) ) Like the running podcasts they are free and can be downloaded either from iTunes or from the links on the homepage of the C25K website. Good luck :)

  • Thanks for the advice I am the same height as you and now about 10lbs heavier so I agree about the length I will download now and give it a go. I didn't do any stretches after running yesterday I thought the walk would be enough. Guess not

  • Welcome to the community and this blogsite where you will gain loads of encouragement, tips and laughs about everyone's experiences on C25K programme. You've done the hardest part - getting out of the door!

    I know what you mean about the stairs the following day. Did you do any stretches when you finished? That makes a HUGE difference and helps keep the aches away. You can download them from the web site. I once read a tip that drinking milk straight after a run reduces muscle ache and I did that a couple of times in the early days. It helped a bit. (May be placebo effect but that's OK)

    I also used to do Strength and Flexibility when I started but at the moment I can't fit it in very well. I certainly had much less achiness than of late and I am going to get back into doing it again asap - it certainly helped a lot.

    Well done for making a start and Good Luck for your running!

    Best advice is keep it slow and steady to start with.

  • Hi, and congrats! Welcome to the family of runners.

    I would urge you to warm up with a brisk walk, do the run/walk and finish off with a brisk walk. Then do your stretches, and don't skimp on those what ever you do. If you do, you will be tight the next day.

    Keep going and keep us informed. It will help you, and we are genuinely interested.

  • Hiya, I'm heavy and also getting on a bit .I think one of the most important things are shoes. Luckily my hubs is a runner and marched me down to local running shop where my gait was analysed and I had some personal insoles made...got rid of my shin splints and I found the stiffness reduced a lot. I agree with everyone re stretching. I had a pulled muscle and must admit it was down to not stretching enough. The five minute warm up, warm down is simply not enough, especially after the run. Good luck with it. My blood pressure was measured yesterday and it has really come down over the past few months due to the running.

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