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Bring it on! Week one, day one, run one!


Well I'm still smiling, no scrub that beaming - I did it! I bound out of bed this morning feeling very enthusiastic and positive with myself, a quick glance at the figure on the scales made me more determined to really go for it!

Breakfast and lunch weighed and packed last night after dinner, all I had to do was not be tempted by everyone else's brought in chocolates / biscuits etc they were donating to the office from their cupboards after Christmas & New Year.....

My willpower held, not one morsel of badness has been eaten by me today, I have had a fabulous day knowing I was then going for my 1st run this evening.....

Kit on, hi-viz on and off I went, my first two "runs" were along the high street in full vision of lots of houses and traffic, no way was I quitting, I hadn't got my breathing right so felt like a goldfish gasping for air by the end of the third "run" and promptly bumped into my eldest son sprinting up the hill I was by then walking down! Knowing he too was running round the village and could lap me at any point spurred me on even more. During "run" 5 I bumped into my neighbours out for an early evening stroll and "run" 6 took me past the village hall just as the Pilates class was arriving. By the time I got home my legs felt a little jelly like and my face flushed, I've smiled at myself all evening,I really can't believe I did it. I enjoyed listening to Laura on the podcast, she is so very encouraging with her chats along the way.

I'm so looking forward to doing it all again on Wednesday. It won't be quite as pretty, as everyone's Christmas trees and fairy lights won't be there to see.

I know I'm only on day one but I think I'm going to really enjoy this "me time"

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Sounds like you've got that running spirit already - I bet the nine weeks fly by for you. Keep posting, this was a joy to read.

Aww thank you, can't wait, it's only two more sleeps away

Thank you, I really enjoyed myself, I can't wait for Wednesday.....


You go for it ! Great to hear you enjoyed the first session and hope your New Year resolutions hold fast. You can do it...

Wannabefitchick in reply to Hidden

Thank you , I really hope so

Aww that takes me back! Glad you got that amazing sense of achievement and wellbeing. That's what it's all about! Hope you don't ache too much! I took an extra rest day after the first run because I could barely move!

Didn't ache at all today, it's not like spinning, first time I did that my legs were so wobbly I fell over during the leg stretches at the end of the class!


Really enjoyed reading this, thank you for posting.

Thank you,

Go girl! Fab. You sound so fired up I think you're going to get it bad! I love your enthusiasm. Keep posting and take it slowly and stretch after each run. Thank you for your lovely post. It made me smile.

I'm still smiling too, can't wait to finish work tomorrow and do it all again

Well done. I'm not far ahead of you so will read your posts with interest. I too love your enthusiasm...go for it

Thank you, how far ahead are you? Are you finding it fun? I decided that for me to keep it up I really must enjoy it, which I did, far more than I thought I would. It's going to be lovely when the evenings are lighter I'll be able to run completely different routes


Well done! I feel jealous of those who are just embarking on C25k cos it's such a blast. I loved it. So, savour each and every run, even the not-so-good ones. A meh run always feels fab once it's over. Keep going very slowly, that's the key to finishing the thing

Having your son who is a runner is a good thing (I hope) as he will turn out to run come what may so that will encourage you to do the same. Stick at it and the rewards are there for the taking. The thing is though, you HAVE to stick at it, running and the weight watching.

What lovely encouragement, thank you. My son runs most days, he's very lean & sporty, he was really keen to know where I'd been and how I'd done, he's a star.

I am planning on sticking with it, I don't want this to be a short term fix, I shall prove to myself that I can do anything if I try hard and have a positive attitude.


It sounds bad...really bad. Most new runners take a while to get the 'bug', but you seem to have acquired it even before W1R1. I congratulate you on becoming a runner.

Not sure how I would compare against our son, but I know he is massively fit and has said he will start running too....OMG, I/we are going to be sooooo embarrassed. Both of us a plodders, even as a grad I stil tend to pod, and the Mrs keeps starting and stopping due to work commitments.

Keep going, keep enthusiastic and keep us posted.

Finally, I now consider you to be a fully-fledged runner. You have gone out of the door, taken those hardest first steps, and you ARE now a runner. Welcome.

Wannabefitchick in reply to Hidden

aww thank you, I really did enjoy being out doing something for me, I will keep posting, can't wait for tomorrow


You now officially have CRAPAS (C25K Running and Posting Addiction Syndrome) :) . I'm looking forward to hearing all about your progress. Well done: getting out of the door on W1r1 is the hardest part of C25K.

Ha ha ha, brilliant! Where can I get the badge??

I knew I was ready to face the world in Lycra & hi-viz so didn't find the getting out the door yesterday a problem.

I shall most definitely be logging my progress, all good, I hope.....


Wee as in little? Or worse???? :-)

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