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Week 7 - What a mission!

If anyone has read some of my earlier blogs, you may be wondering why I have only just finished Week 7! Well it was a bit of a battle. Firstly my phone didn't download the Week 7 podcast correctly, so it jammed and restarted from the beginning after just over 10 mins of running (twice!), then my earphones stopped working, then I went away for a few days and didn't manage to run, then my fitness level wasn't quite up to the task.

Despite a fairly late start this morning (and being about 80% sure that I wanted to give up after 9 minutes of running) I somehow ploughed on in the heat and finished my third run of week 7. I ran a ridiculous route to avoid loose dogs on the horizon, but with the encouragement of Laura and the assistance of my new earclip headphones and a setting on my Endomondo app that notifies me when every five minutes of running has elapsed (the more frequent notices help to keep me going), I actually did it. I have no idea how I am going to run any further than this in Week 8, as I still feel as though I am at the limits of my endurance (even though I repeated the 25 min run more than 3 times) but I always feel like this at the end of a week!

I was hoping that by now I would feel more like a light fairy prancing through the woods, but I suppose that my fitness will continue to improve and my tread may get lighter as I lose a bit more weight. I never even thought that I could get this far a few months ago!

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KBO big-momma! I am in the exact same point in the programme as you (w8r1 planned for this evening) and felt just like you did not even a week ago. Well well done for having the determination to keep on to the end.

For me it has been all about expectations. I also thought I'd be like a prancing fairy by now and when I wasn't I got a bit downhearted. I came on here only to read that many people find these last weeks some of the toughest of the whole programme. One poster even told me that she had to force herself through every run. Realising that it wasn't going to be easy (and that, most importantly, that was normal!) is what gave me a lot of the courage/strength I needed to complete week 7.

We're almost there! Not long now until we get our own graduate badges :)


Thanks. It is good to know that I am not the only one finding it a bit tough this far in. Hope that your run went well!


It did big-momma! Well it didn't go well, it went ok, but I did complete it and that's the important thing. Good luck with your first run in week 8. Let us know how it goes.


Hi big-momma! Great to hear from you again. Thought you'd got lost and I've been missing you. My goodness, prancing like a fairy through the woods? It never felt that good, more like a ghostly dirge at times dragging myself along my river bank!

But I love your optimism and hope one day you will do just that!

Only 6 more runs now - YOU CAN DO IT! And then the feeling will be SUPERB for you!

Hang in there - you're doing BRILLIANTLY and we all want to cheer you to the finish line and see you with your shiny badge too!

Not long now. I'm sending you loads of positive vibes to help you along the way. I'm so glad you are back, Linda



Thanks Beek! I hadn't wanted to discourage anyone by writing about all my week 7 fails until I had managed it! I missed you and all the lovely forum folk too though! I do dream of being nimble one day! Your badge looks extremely smart by the way! I imagine that I will need more than 6 runs to finish, but the finish line is definitely in sight (with binoculars)! Are you going to do the next programme now, or enjoy running on your own terms for a while? :)


Glad I saw your post and the replies this morning, they have cheered me up. Just come in from W7R2, I also thought I'd be wafting fairy-like for 25 minutes - not so much!! I dragged myself round repeating "you can do this" over and over - I finished the run but dear God, it wasn't pretty- I was puffing like a steam train and if anyone is looking for a beacon they can use my face!!!

The encouragement here is keeping me going and I just keep reminding myself that 7 weeks ago I didn't think I could run for one minute!!


Well done! I might try your mantra next time! Among the things that my little girl calls me when I return home after a run, is 'sweaty dragon'! I like to think about struggling with the 1 minute runs when I struggle with the 25 min ones too!


Hi big-momma! Just this minute got back from my first 'free' run on a very muggy morning and only managed 10 minutes running. WHAT? A RUBBISH run. No idea what went wrong. I booked a Parkrun for Saturday so I needed to nail it today. I had a burp feeling in my chest and my calf muscles were screaming at me from the start. I didn't have my watch on and hubby said he could not go out (at 9.30) until he knew I was home and not fallen in the river! Pathetic outing today and now just so hot and clammy! Could barely drag myself up the hill to home but I haven't run so why's that I wonder? Just not meant to do it today.

Don't worry if it takes you more than 6 more runs to nail it. It really does not matter. What matters is that you hang in there and SUCCESS WILL COME TO YOU!

Love your daughters pet name for you!

Off to 'do my roots' now before lunch with book club friends! Good luck and keep thinking how well you are doing now compared to first week!

Keep blogging!


What a shame about your run today! I agree that some runs just aren't meant to be (especially hot ones)! Maybe a little recovery before your run on Sat will do you good too? Please let us know how it goes! :)


Thanks for posting this, I've just posted about week 7 - finding it very hard. I think the unrelenting slog without intervals affected me. I didn't realise you get endomondo to do that - I have downloaded that but not used it - thought I'd use it after I graduate (if I ever do!) because I used to like the more frequent reminders by Laura that I had x amount of time left or had been running x... Well done though for completing! Onwards and upwards!


Thanks. Week 7 is tough! I upgraded to the pro version of Endomondo and think that some of the features I use aren't in the free one. I don't however have the Premium version. The Pro version cost a few quid one off payment, but the premium one is a subscription if I understand correctly. I am very happy with just the pro version, but I am trialling a new chargeable voice for my phone (Victoria - UK) as I couldn't bear the standard synthesized sound. Good luck with your running! I will have a look for your blog. I don't get as much reading done as I would like with my toddler climbing on me!

NB. I have just seen that Endomondo now has an additional paid training plan option. I haven't got that, my 5 minute notices are just from the settings/ audio settings/standard audio coach section.


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