Week 7 Blues

I'm having a terrible time finishing my 25 minutes. I get through it but I feel awful doing it. I finished the week 6 run 3: 25 minutes and felt great about it. I also finished my week 7 run 1 and it wasn't too shabby but the last 2 runs I've felt absolutely terrible. My lungs feel fine and I'm not out of breath but my legs feel like lead and it's torture trying to keep myself chugging along. The only other time I felt like this was during week 3 but found the strength to continue. It's a bit discouraging to be so far along and having setbacks. Any advice or empathy would be greatly appreciated


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10 Replies

  • Mag, I found week 7 so tough too, it seemed like the joy of running had left me. Like you, I managed to fniish but there wasn't the normal burst of energy near the end or the same afterglow. However, and I kid you not, week 8 has been bliss compared to week 7! Either I've got my head around the more mental battle of keeping running with no walk, or I'm getting physically fitter, but week 8 was so much better. Keep going - after all, it's just been 2 bad runs - don't analyse it too much, just let yourself be surprised at how much you enjoy the next few! Good luck :)

  • Thank you so much for your advice. I'm heading out to try Week8 Run 1 tomorrow morning. Hopefully I've just hit a bit of a slump. If not I'll be sure to be back here for some advice and motivation. I'm so close to the finish I can't possible conceive of giving up just yet.

  • I found this the toughest week too (and I have to re-do it again!) - I think the fact that there is "less Laura" in the podcasts and the music wasn't that great made it a bit of a struggle - combined with the mental battle of knowing that this is actually what running is like. Like Chris, I enjoyed W8 (what I did of it) much more! I ended up making up my own 25 min podcast using tunes I picked appropriate to my bpm from jog.fm - which worked better for me and at least pulled me through. You will make it!

  • I'm glad I'm not the only one to find the music uninspiring. Also thanks for the tip on jog.fm I'll give it a chance if week 8 doesn't go my way.

  • Hi, Im on week 7 and finding it tough aswell. I feel like my lungs can take me the distance but my legs are killing me. I hope it's just down to the mind and that I just need to get my head round having no walking intervals. Be positive and Keep going. I try to remind myself that only a few weeks ago I was struggling to run for a whole min lol.

  • I got the blues around week 7/8 too, seems like a normal stage among C25Kers! It's that mental struggle to keep yourself motivated on the longer runs without intervals. I felt like I was incredibly slow but in hindsight I wasn't that bad.

    My only advice is just to keep going, push through and I promise you will get your mojo back soon! Just think how far you've come already, the fact you are able to run for 25 mins at all even if you don't find it easy is fantastic. :)

  • My legs feel heavy too.... but I'm keeping at it - I figure what have I got to lose in exchange for some extra perseverance...? I bought myself a really nice bottle of bubble bath (Verbena Foaming Bath by L'Occitane) and I just enjoy sinking my tired old limbs into it and reflecting on the fact that I am getting fitter....

  • So glad you posted this! I am at W6R3...for the third time and am really struggling. I've now picked up a hip muscle pain and am trying to work through it (like the shin pains in week 2). I'm trying new routes so I don't get bored....but I am starting to wonder why I'm doing this! Thank you again for posting and all those that commented....your words will echo in my head on my next run.

  • Thank you to everyone for all of your help. I really appreciate it. I'm heading out for run 1 of week 8 tomorrow. WIsh me luck!

  • Yes good luck Mag, I did Wk7 R2 today and felt awful, and in a way I am glad that others seem to have had a rather tough and depressing time of it in Wk7 - and then a better time in Wk8. I am so flipping slow and just can't seem to speed up. Let us know how you get on. All the best. x

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