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Week 7

Did my third run of Week 7 this morning. I've had one week and a half away from the programme, because I went back to england for a week. The idea was not to take running shoes with me, but buy new ones in england - coz probably cheaper than in France - and so carry on with the running while I was away... but, well, I only had one week there and no car of my own to get to the shops, so things didn't work out like that.. consequently I'm still wearing my 14yo son's hand-me-down trainers!

I was slightly worried I wouldn't cope with the 25 minutes, due to the break. But in fact, my breathing seemed a lot better than usual (I was recently diagnosed with asthma brought on by exertion, and I have an inhaler to use once or twice before I go out running) and I actually felt quite strong at first. However, by the halfway alert from Laura I was starting to find things more difficult and a few times I felt like slowing to a walk, but managed to keep going for the whole 25 minutes. I was fine at the 'final 5 minute' alert.. but I find the final minute REALLY HARD WORK.. and I know the two times I did the 25 minute run for Week 7 before, I found that last minute pretty much TORTURE!!!

So I'm wondering, since I had a bit of a break, and since I'm finding the 25 minutes hard work, if I should stick to Week 7 for at least another couple of times before going onto 28 minutes... or should I be brave and just go for it?!

Has anyone else found Week 7 hard work?

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I have found it all hard work - but I think you should do whatever seems comfortable to you. For what it's worth I haven't found much difference between 25 and 28 minutes, but I have realised that I find the time thing a bit stressful, and that I only really relax when I am sure that I am going to complete the task. It sounds like you are doing really well, what with your son's shoes and asthma!


Thanks! I'm the same with the time.. once I know I can do it I'm OK. I think I found 20 minutes relatively easy, plus it was the first long run so a lot of willpower and over-excitement and adrenaline, I think, played a big part in achieving that. I wonder if it's because Laura gives the last minute marker, because I'm fine when she says '5 minutes to go', so I think maybe it's just psychological! I might try it once more before going onto the 28 minutes. After all, it's only 3 minutes more! Thanks for your encouragement :-)


Same here - was thinking the same thing as it's really hard and I feel like I'm dragging myself to the finish but it's all about building stamina so I'm going to stick to the programme - good luck whatever you decide


Thank you! are you around the same stage as me on the plan?


I'm week 7 about to do run 3 :)


I would suggest you try another 1 or 2 25 min runs. If you cope well with the 1st one then scoot onto week 8.

if it's any comfort I found the last 5 mins of all the week 7, 8 & 9 week runs hard - but I dony think that's a bad thing cos when you get through it and do what Laura is telling you to do, it's amazing.

You're right on course to graduate, another run or two won't matter if it gets you there.

Good luck - let us know how you get on :-) x



I went for a run again this morning - at last! I've been meaning to go for a couple of days but had some very late bedtimes (4am one night!) due to various celebrities dying just as I was about to go to bed, which obviously necessitated lots of twittering and googling and youtubing, and we all know how internet time is worth at least x2 of normal real life time.

So I took your advice, Pink Angel, and I did the 25 minute Week 7 Run 3 again. This time when Laura said '1 minute to go' I tried to imagine I had to run for another 5 minutes... and it worked!!! I relaxed, 'dug deep' (as sporty people say) and was able to keep going a lot more calmly to finish. In fact I ran for 26mins 12secs coz it was the first day I used the Runkeeper app on my phone, and the annoying female american robotic voice kept interrupting every 5 minutes giving me a lengthy update on my progress, and it seemed to pause Laura, so that Laura's 25 minutes was a little bit more.

Now I've worked out how to turn off the annoying voice on Runkeeper, and I think on the next run I'll be fine to attempt Week 8 Run 1.

Thank you, everybody, for your advice and encouragement.



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