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W9R1 This morning. And do you know what? I actually enjoyed it!


Today I was up and out nice and early and it was still cool, no - cold! Had my best head on, calm, confident and optimistic. Slight incident with a man walking his 3 large dogs, two of which were the black and tan type (I think you call them Doberman) Anyway they were massive and when they started to surround me and follow me I froze, hands across my chest (as instructed previously by a dog walker) and I told him to get his dog back. 'It's alright, that one doesn't bite' (and the others do?) but he did come and get them back and away from me so I thanked him - nicely! Progress there on my part because they do terrify me!

Enough rant! So, I'd already measured my route on Google maps as 4.7 km but that includes the warm up/down walks so I must remeasure it for the actual running part.

And for the first time since I started this programme I can truthfully say that I ENJOYED the running! YAY! WEIGH HAY! I wish I could tell you in strong enough terms what a relief that is to me! And now I am home, showered and hair done and I'm feeling really chuffed with myself! I know I can see this through now! I am going to seek out a Parkrun for next weekend and hopefully graduate with a proper measured and timed 5K.

Happy running everyone!

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Fantastic, especially considering the dog incident. You deserve to feel chuffed with yourself! Knowing that you can actually enjoy a run will probably be the motivation you need to make running become a habit.

I hope I manage to enjoy my next run (Week9 Run 2) as much as you did yours. I had two attempts at Run 1 before managing that. I'm hoping the novelty of running over in England next week will help me get through particularly as it will be easier to avoid hills!

BeekGraduate in reply to librarie

I hope you enjoy your R2 as much! This is the first time I have enjoyed a run so it was particularly rewarding - and a relief! You are right, it is probably what I need to make this running a habit. Thank you for the encouragement!


Well done Beek!!!! 30 minute run with confidence and self belief - love it. So pleased to read that you're looking ahead and planning your post graduation runs. Only 2 runs left !!!!


Fantastic Beek! So glad you enjoyed your first run of your graduation week. I feel a little left behind now as my daughter just called to tell me she had done her w9r1 and then I read this, but am hot on your heels heading out in a short while right after my coffee settles. See you at the finish line :)

BeekGraduate in reply to Ryansson

It's taken a long time to say I enjoyed it, hasn't it? Don't feel left behind - you'll be with us at the finish I'm sure!

Enjoy your run! See you!


Hi Mazzero! You've no idea what a relief it is to be using such language as 'enjoy' when describing my runs! It has been bothering me that I have not felt like that yet and now I know what it is like I feel confident I can feel like that again. I still feel a tad smug that I did it!

Happy running everyone!


oh massive well done Beek, you see you can get out there and enjoy it & I know it's something you never thought you would do. But the feeling that you got today, just keep that right there front and centre of your mind because that is exactly what running is all about ....

You're so right to be chuffed, especially as you now only have 2 more runs and you've done it - you will graduate. oh I'm so pleased for you.

Now go and find yourself a park run and celebrate in style - Just Keep Running....

Enjoy it and well done.

BeekGraduate in reply to Hidden

Hi MatthewW! Thanks for your kind words of wisdom. You've been such an inspiration to me when I struggled and I really appreciate your support!

I've been looking for a Parkrun but it depends on the buses a bit. I thought it would be good to do one as my last run for week 9. I'll have to see how it pans out.

Many thanks to you, and happy running to you too!


Huge well done to you Beek! Almost there now.

And thank you so much for your encouraging words on my post about W8 x

Yay Beek! Great to hear that the bug has finally bitten you! I graduated at parkrun and I have to say I have never felt so proud or such a great sense of achievement. The atmosphere really made it a special occasion, I definitely recommend it. Really looking forward to your graduation blog!

Well dine Beek!! Only 2 to go! Sounds like a great run :-) I enjoyed mine this morning, started too humid but then a breeze picked up which made a big difference.


You're so nearly there! I shall look forward to your graduation post, but meanwhile how nice to hear that you enjoyed your run :) Planning your graduation for Parkrun is a brilliant idea, too. Have a great week!


Excellent; knew you'd get to enjoying it before long. Looking forward to hearing about the graduation run. Keep at it!!

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