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I couldn't do it! 😭

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A run of firsts!

My first run without my running buddy my dog Ted as I decided it was too hot for him. So I walked him first.

My first run without holding anything in my hands as I ran for the first time with my new belt.

First time with music!

First time my breathing was all over the place.

AND Week 7 run 3 and first time I've not finished 😭 I planned the route knowing it would be approx 25 minute run. After what I thought was about 10 minutes I couldn't get my breath right and it started to make me feel dizzy so I just stopped. I'd actually done 17 minutes but I feel so defeated!!!

24 Replies

For me, I find that listening to music really messes with my breathing. I can do it, but I've got to make a conscious effort to breathe properly otherwise I'm left gasping.

There will be other days you can complete this run, and you still did 17 minutes which was more than a month ago!

Teddly22Graduate in reply to Hannah337

Thank you. Maybe that was it as Ive never had problems with the breathing before so am not doing it again I didn't really listen to it anyway as I couldn't tell you a song that was playing! I will try again Sunday!

PenelopesimmonsGraduate in reply to Teddly22

We are all different and we find the way that works for us. I always run with music - I have a huge playlist on shuffle, so never know what’s coming next.

However - I find that my running pace is not really influenced by the tune that is playing - I am able to run at the same pace no matter what - I speed up or slow down according to my split map-my-run times as I know what I can sustain.

I always go out more slowly and build speed if I feel good.

That is providing the OH is casting himself in the role pacer!!

Happy running - next time you will smash it I am sure - slow and steady πŸƒβ€β™€οΈ


We all sometime need a practice run. And if it was too hot for Ted it was probably too hot for you.

Have a full rest day and then have another go. Don’t let the gremlins get you.

Good luck next run.

Teddly22Graduate in reply to Jay66UK

Thank you! Looked at my timings and it was quickest split times ive done so I went too darn fast! I need to find my inner snail and go do it again!!!

Jay66UKGraduate in reply to Teddly22

Been there, done that, soaked the tshirt. And add the heat...

Good that you know why it went wrong. Smash it (slowly) next time!


It's a practice run with a couple of lessons. Which is good! You know you can do it, you've come this far, and as you said just take it snaily-like and you'll be fine for the next go round.

Everyone has their off days or bad runs, don't worry about it too much. I've had plenty of bad runs, the point is we are RUNNING. Something is better than nothing, at least you're getting out there and doing it. Next time will be better x

Teddly22Graduate in reply to Run-Claire-Run

I keep telling myself that a few months ago I wasnt running anywhere so a bad run is better than no run! Thank you.


I’m on week 6 and found the 20 min run ok but today the stop start was more difficult - but happy with the achievement!! Have never run before !


Hot ones are tough. Count it as a win for getting out when conditions are tough.


Tough call, maybe the air was just too heavy and warm - plays havoc with the breathing thing. Don't be hard on yourself, just one of those days and you ran anyway, so high 5 to you 😎


It's all been said; you went out there, set off too fast, no running buddy, new tunes... too many changes at once... but you still managed 17 minutes which is 17 more than all those on the couch πŸ‘πŸ˜‰

You'll be just fine on take 2 πŸ‘


Oh no don’t be disheartened- at least you got out there and gave it a shot that’s more than those still sitting on the couch. Look how far you have come W7 - bet you never imagined that in W1. I think most of us on here have had runs like that. Honestly - I bet you next time out you will totally smash it. You got this. Keep us posted.

Teddly22Graduate in reply to Hidden

Thanks. I will give it my best shot!

I had similar problems with wk7 run 1 yesterday. Well done on the 17 mins and gd luck for the next one. X

Teddly22Graduate in reply to Cazzajambo

Oh no! It's disheartening but as the days progressed I've become more determined to get it next time! Good luck with your next run too!


It doesn't get easier but you can tell the determination you have if you have felt defeated on this occasion. The thing I like about this app if you think you could have done better you can always re-do a run the next day which I had done to prove to myself I could do it.


Thanks. I'm going to try it again tomorrow so fingers crossed.....


Take Two and I did it!πŸ˜†πŸƒπŸ‘πŸ† Thank you to you all for your words of wisdom and encouragement. Today I took my positivity and my inner snail in my back pocket. During the first few minutes the gremlins tried to take over, my arms strangely felt heavy and my breathing went to pot but I dismissed them and got it under control and after that it was quite a comfortable run. When it got to half way I knew I could do it. Am sat watching my son play cricket with a beetroot face and sweat pouring down me and I don't care. Am beaming with joyπŸ˜† Thanks all πŸƒπŸŒπŸƒ

Gemima-JamGraduate in reply to Teddly22

Amazing! Well done πŸ’ͺ

Teddly22Graduate in reply to Gemima-Jam

Thank you. It feels good! πŸ‘


Well done for going back to it. Every run still feels like a can’t still but apparently I can. (Well not at the moment obviously but I will be back!)! Can I ask about running with the dog? I would love to do that but they are always fartarsing around sniffing everything and weeing so I would have to keep stopping (and we are told on the programme not to stop!! πŸ˜‚) i also worry about being tangled in the lead and tripping - although now I have found that I can do that on my own with no lead involved! Have you any quick tips for how you do it. Mine are little Norfolk terriers not sensible size dogs! X

Teddly22Graduate in reply to MelsieJay

Hi there. I only take him where I can safely run with him off lead. It's usually a big park near home so I have the option to run in a different direction if there are distractions coming (like other dogs to play with) and where I can run along the river so he can go for a drink and a cool down when he needs it. He's a small cockerpoo and he does have a sniff around but in the wide open space of the park I can see him and he can see me! So if he has a lie down I will run around the outside of the field that were in and he joins me when he's ready. I also don't start the run until he's had a poop so I don't have to stop to scoop! He usually obliges in the 5 minute warm up walk!!! I haven't taken him in this heat as it's too hot for him but we seem to enjoy our runs together! He did look at me as if I was nuts on week 1 run 1 but he's got used to it now! Good luck. Hope you're fighting fit soon!

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