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Tried Speed this morning - really enjoyed it!

Got up and out really well this morning and decided to do Speed instead of Stamina.

I really enjoyed it! It's very cold here today - ice on the car park puddles but sunny and colourful. Perfect conditions!

I have taken to running past, I said PAST the Italian hot chocolate cafe and along to the nice outdoor gym which the council built [just for me?] I use it to give my upper body a bit of a workout too and today ran 6.16km in 64 minutes (that includes the gym time) Yay! (Don't giggle - that IS an improvement!)

I used to be a person with enormous energy, however after a prolonged period of stress, sick mother, bereavement - well life I suppose! I was ground down, sluggish and easily putting off getting on with things.

All that is beginning to change.

I am more positive and alert than I've been for ages.

So, to all you newbies out there - just hang in there because you WILL start to feel energised, positive - all those lovely good feelings.

I recall questioning that these things were an urban myth. I would say probably 2/3 of the programme made me really tired and it was jolly hard work. I certainly did not get the 'high' feeling having done the exercise, which other people reported having.

Keep at it and I am sure that it will come to you all! I hope so because it sure is a fantastic way to feel!


Oh, and another thing - I live near a small primary school and the children can often be seen taking cycling proficiency lessons around the estate. I am a proper wuss on my bike, a real liability amongst traffic and scared of cars anywhere near me. I made a comment to the little ones in passing to that effect and the tutor told me they do 1:1 sessions for adults for free. Just Google 'Go cycling' she said and find a tutor for 7 free sessions. I'm up for that and will keep you posted!

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Oh well done Beek, that sounds brilliant. If your 64 minutes includes your gym time - and possibly warm up and cool down too then you're really not "that" slow. And even if you are, hey you were active for over an hour and ran over 6km. Great to hear you are at last feeling all these added benefits like having more energy. I can't say I experience a runner's high, but I do feel much less slothful than before I started all c25k.

After all you've achieved the cycling should be a doddle. Hope you enjoy it and can find some great cycle paths to give you some variety in your new exercise regime. Be safe, and keep us posted about how it all goes.


Thanks, runningnearbeiruit! I did include warm up and cool down, I always include those because after all walking is still 'off the couch' and must be worth something!

It is just such a relief to have more positive feelings about everything I do. I had begun to doubt the cliche that expending energy brings you more energy - but it certainly is true! I'm Googling 'Sustrans' right now to seek out some routes!

Good luck with your running! You amaze me - all those hills and the heat!


Thanks for the encouragement. Actually the heat seems to have finally disappeared. It's been beautiful here recently - blue skies and mid-20s which without ridiculous humidity has felt very pleasant. Today I think autumn has finally arrived and I'm having to wear a cardigan (something I've only needed in the evenings)... and I'm actually contemplating putting some socks on as my feet are feeling cold! Really can't imagine running with icy puddles around!!


Beek - it sounds like you want to become a triathlete if you are now looking at the cycling. Enjoy and hope life continues to get better.


Thank you c4ts. I'm amazed at how different C25K is making me feel. Wish I'd known about it years ago and I wish I could let people feel just a tiny bit of how much better it makes you feel being more active!

But triathlon - I doubt it! Hope to pick up badminton again if I can find a club for veterans!


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