If you're happy and you know it, clap your hands!!! W9R3 Done! I'm a Graduate!!!

I am typing and trying to do my happy dance at the same time! OUCH ** OH!! ## YEEKS!!! I think the only part of my body not hurting today is my fingers!!!! :-) Steve and I went out for our grad run last night and we did it!!! :-)

We were having quite a bit of wind and seriously debated if we wanted to hold off another day. So happy we just went ahead with it. Steve ZOOMED along and did fantastic, I had my typical run 3 of the week. (bad) My last 6 minutes I was praying for it to end but i kept telling myself, only 6 more minutes to THAT BADGE! :-) No way was I going to get that close to it and have to stop and repeat the run! ;-) As I rounded a corner and was running into a 30+ mile headwind, Bob Seger came on and began, Against the wind...some of the lyrics if I remember correctly are, against the wind, we were runnin' against the wind, we were young and strong, we were running against the wind... quite a fitting song to end my grad run with, although quite wrong on the young/strong part! :-)

I want to give each of you a virtual hug and thank you for every single piece of support, inspiration and advice you have shared with me. When we first started C25K, I had in my mind what a runner was and I was so disappointed in myself. I happened on to this site and found REAL PEOPLE, REAL RUNNERS and I realized I didn't need to run fast or jump high, I just needed to get off the couch and move. I kept telling myself: to achieve bigger goals, take smaller steps. I finally gave myself the permission to face a challenge but to do it reasonably and not get frustrated and quit.

C25K is an amazing program and we can not rave enough about it! Each week challenges but one also know they only need to face one run and get through it, then prepare for the next one. It has been frustrating, difficult mentally and physically, but I would not change one little thing about it! I went from not completing a few 1 minute runs to now running 30 full minutes! How amazing is that??!! One of the best feelings ever is realizing you just did something that just a few short weeks ago your body could not do! :-)

I want to end my blog with thanking Steve for his love and support ALWAYS and especially the past 9 weeks! I remember crying one evening and telling him I never wanted to disappoint him but I didn't think I was physically capable of doing the program... he basically told me to "suck it up, buttercup" :-) and even if we had to take it slower or repeat runs, we would until I felt like I could move on to the next week. This was amazing for me to hear and understand, coming from a very competitive person. He was willing to place his own goals on the back-burner just to make sure I could accomplish my goal.

GOSH! I feel like I have written a novel!!! I guess when it boils down to it, I am totally happy we happened on to C25K, I am totally happy we finished C25K and I am so totally happy I found all of you!!! I hope you understand that you guys are more like my running family and friends then just some people you meet up with out on the net. :-)

Now on to request our badges! :-) :-)


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  • Congratulations! So happy for you both. It's great you have managed to do it together. It's nice to have the support and someone who knows what you're going through. Well done to both of you.

  • Thank you rosn123!!! We are taking a few days off then setting a new goal so we continue on with this. No way are we going back to couch tators! :-)

  • Congratulations to both of you! It is lovely that you are doing this together and you are so supportive of each other, it's great! Good luck with your running career and keep blogging as you are such a source of support to so many of us!

  • Thank you rollertoaster!! It has been a great experience together. Taking a few days off to R&R, then setting a new goal so we continue on. If we made it this far, I never want to turn back. :-)

  • Eeeee I'm soooo happy for you both! And I'm so proud of you. It must be an absolutely amazing feeling! And to have done it together, to have shared the highs and the lows (and more highs) I really really hope you carry this forward and that you stay in touch and let us all know how you carry on making running a part of your life. *big cheer!* Hurrah!

  • Thank you pelephant!!! Ever so awaiting your GRADUATION BLOG! Yes, we are staying here. We have met such wonderful people. You for example, will always be in our Graduating class. :-)

  • Awww, you've got me welling up there! Congratulations to you both and keep us posted, now go grab those badges!! ;)

  • Thank you runningwild!!!!! You are doing great, you will be a Graduate soon also! :-)

  • Woohoo!! Enjoy the feeling and congratulations :-)

  • Thank you phil72! I appreciate all the advice at different times over our C25K journey. You have been an inspiration to me! :-)

  • I neglected to mention two things...NO WAY IN HECK ARE YOU GUYS GETTING RID OF US! We were so sore last night after the run, we went on to bed...so sore we couldn't roll over to kiss each other goodnight, so we just high-fived each other! :-)

  • Haha! Love it!

  • Congratulations!!!!! Got to go now: more from me later. Well done. Can't wait to catch you up.

  • Thank you janda!!! Keep running! You are getting closer and closer!!! :-)

  • Big congrats to the Hall household!! A big achievement for you both now go celebrate!! Sue x

  • Thank you Sue!!!! I appreciate all of your support over the past weeks! :-)

  • Rapturous applause the crowd are going wild - From Bedfordshire, England, UK my heartfelt congratulations to both of you. It's an absolutely fantastic achievement.

  • Thank you Chewy! Safe travels to you and awaiting news of another Graduate within the next few weeks!

  • Wow, is that the first double graduation? well done both.

  • Thank you Mattaitch! You have been great support over the weeks as well as my loving your sense of humor. :-) Hmmmm...makes one wonder if any other couples survived the C25K program without killing each other?? :-)

  • Virtual hug for you both too! Congratulations and very well done. Great graduation blog too, it made me feel quite emotional. It's incredible how much we share on this site with people we don't know (although by W9 we probably know each other quite well) and (sadly) are unlikely ever to meet. I feel I've got a whole lot of new friends here, I have images of people and their characters. Sometimes (especially if I'm struggling with a run) I visualise you all cheering me on or encouraging me on by saying "You can do this". So pleased for you and Steve! X

  • Thank you soozz!!!! You have and will continue to be a wonderful supporter and encourager to me over the miles. I admire everything you have achieved! :-)

  • Very well done - it's a great feeling, isn't it! Enjoy! :-)

  • Thank you Mitts!!! You continue to inspire me!! We are taking a few R & R days then setting a new goal. No way are we going back to couch tators! :-)

  • Had a little cry reading that - well done to you both. That's fantastic and you are clearly so supportive of each other. Reading stuff like this just makes me determined to go for it. Last run of week 1 tomorrow - roll on week 2 :)

  • Thank you catloversue!!!! You can do this! I am 49 and had never even lightly jogged before. It is difficult but the sense of achieving a goal is pretty cool. We are staying here, so if I can ever offer any advice or support, know you can get a hold of me.

  • Well done gdean and a virtual hug from me too ! We started out together so you are kind of special to me. Three cheers to you and Steve!

  • Thank you DeliaItaly!!!!! You are special to me too!!! I hope the arm is out of plaster soon???? I have been so worried over this journey something would happen to me to slow me down. Wishing you a great re-start to reaching your goal!!!!

  • Yes plaster off yesterday (see my post) and I ran this morning (see other post). I started from week 3, nice and easy, but who cares, no rush! xox

  • Way to go Gayle and Steve! Good for you going out even though the weather was a bit dodgy... Dorothy wasn't so lucky... you have to be careful in your part of the world!! ;-)

    Thank you for sharing your experience, it is such a great feeling of solidarity and it really helps thinking of everyone else going through the same things.

    I look forward to hearing of your continuing running adventures!

  • Thank you Anna!!! I just came back to post on this blog quickly so I can go see if you have a Grad blog posted!!!! We are sticking around here. Taking a few R & R days, then setting a new goal so be don't become little couch tators!

  • A MASSIVE WELL DONE !!! So pleased for you, I'm glad you are proud of yourselves as you should be. Reading your blog has inspired me as I'm on W8 and am nearly there, after reading this I really really want to graduate myself !! ;-)

  • Thank you ca66ie99!!! YES! You can do this! Keep running!~

  • Congratulations to you both. Look forward to seeing those green badges by your names. Keep blogging, you really are inspiring.

  • Thank you AnnieW55!!! Continued running success wishes sent to you also! :-)

  • I was wondering where your graduation blog was Gayle. Standing O for you and smhall from over here in North Wales. You both have been so inspiring to me over the last few weeks and I'm just thrilled that you have succeeded in your quest and that you did it together! And I'm SO happy to hear you're going to stick around the community. Enjoy a wonderful celebratory weekend! :)

  • Thank you Fraz!!!! You are right behind us!!!! I hope the ankle is better for you this morning! We are taking a few days off, then setting a new goal. No way are we stopping or turning back to become spongy little couch tators again! :-)

  • Aww Congratulations to both of you Steve seems a pretty amazing guy :-) My OH is supporting me by waiting to go to bed cos he works nights so I can go running x

  • Thank you yummymummy!!!!! Cute comment about your OH! Sometimes they support us in strange ways but I guess as long as it works. Steve is a great catch, I had to go through a lot of "fish in the sea" to appreciate the one I have now. ;-)

  • I just noticed, do you still do WW's? I joined about a 1.5 years ago. Weight loss is slow but it truly is a lifestyle change.

  • Congratulations. Can't wait to see that shiny green badge next to yours and Steve's names – you so deserve it!

  • Well done, what a fabulous achievement. And you are strong, you must be to have reached this far, with or without support, that came from inside you!

  • What an incredible blog, you have been an inspiration to us also, well me definitely. A really, really big CONGRATULATIONS :)

  • Oh wow! What a joyous exuberant post and rightly so! Congratulations to you both, it's the best feeling isn't it, especially when we're perhaps not natural born runners. Enjoy the feeling and the green badge!! We went out yesterday to buy me some new running shoes as mine were falling apart (never thought I'd wear a pair of running shoes out!) and that is giving me a new layer of inspiration to get out there to do my Monday run. What will you do to treat yourselves??

  • Congratulations - I've been following your progress for a while! Well done. :)

  • Congratulations, Sweetheart!!! YOU DID IT!! You have come so very far in just 9 weeks!! I am so very proud of you!! It was an absolutely amazing journey, but without a doubt, the very best part was doing it together with you!! Every minute, every step and every gasping, wheezing breath, we completed together!! We even became pretty good about sharing our ice bags with each other!! :-)

    I am proud to share this success with you, but I am even more proud to share my life with you!! Thank you for being my, "everything!" I Love You!!

    P.S. Want to go for a run?? ;-)

  • Oh well done you I am so pleased you have got there. Now where do you get that badge from?

  • Well done!

    It really is hard going!

    I am two runs behind you!

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