Wilson's first ...(cough) 5k walk in the cani harness!

I know, I know I've been away for ever!!! I have been running on the treadmill ...honest but not through December :)

Anyway I started initially running to run with one of my dogs in canicross but the dog in question likes to follow me instead of running ahead ... doh!

Now my young pup Wilson is coming up to 11mths old, he is soon old enough to go on canicross events :) and he is an expert in pulling me along ;) so out came the harness after their walk today and I walked him all the way on one of my measured 5k runs ... he is actually flat out snoring away, think I may have to do C25K with him!


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11 Replies

  • That sounds brave. Looks fantastic but don't you worry about tripping over the dog?

  • he's too far ahead to trip on in run, the bungee assists in controlling direction and you can quite easily pull him in next to you or let him off by quick release. Wilson is 10mths old, this was his first go and I took him on a combination mostly road walk. I found I had really easy control but then I wasn't running

  • Hi Labshack, love the tags ! :-D

    Weve just been "talking " about this on another thread. I agree with Slookie, it looks fab, but we have decided that our mutts are complete loonies and its a complete non starter !

    Good Luck, it must be fab running with your dogs xxx

  • Complete loonies???? Wilson is a choccie Labrador you don't get more loony :)

  • I had never heard of cani cross. Sounds great - you'll have loads of fun. Especially up hills. Will have to look for that harness - I run with Marty around my waist but it's a static leash.

  • It's a genuine organised sport with proper rules. If your dog wants to 'go'....you have to let him go! My Westie would be too interested in meeting the other runners and seeing the sights, so he's never going to do it, but if you are interested, I can recommend these people:


    With whom I've run a series of organised events recently and they are very good indeed.

  • Oh I know - I am so keen to do it but just need the dog to do it with - one rule is the dog needs to be over a year old. Like your westie, Lulah (5yo) likes to greet everyone and run behind so is never going to officially do it, Oscar is coming up to 11 yrs old and sniffs for England (not good for a race) Wilson however :) will be a year old in March so walking him atm on the harness will start him running very soon :D

  • next time I put it on .... like tomorrow (Lulah or Wilson) I will take a picture. Dog harness designed for the dog to pull (and we want them to pull wearing this), bungee line - a lead to connect dog harness to human harness with a spring, human harness designed to use your biggest muscle (your butt) when you have a young big dog and you run ... :D

  • So does the dog tend to pull on all walks after being trained to pull on that lead? I suppose not in theory, but I'm not the best dog trainer....

  • we shall see ... hopefully yes he pulls on the harness not on the lead

  • I read about this last year, and keep meaning to try it, but the nearest training place is about 60 miles and a bit of M25 away, so I haven't figured it yet. Any advice welcome - exercising dog and me both at once seems such a sensible idea...

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