grrrrrrrr, this is what I call an "incident"

Went for a run / shuffle along the beach this morning and got bitten on the ankle. Not by a snake. Just a dog.

I don't usually have problems with dogs. When I see one coming at me, I say Hello doggie or puppy or whatever or I sometimes put my hand out for a sniff.

This time it was a schnauzer who, when I was about 10 metres away came racing at me barking. He circled me and attacked me from behind by biting me on the ankle (He pierced the skin). i kicked my leg out and he just jumped out but kept circling and trying to nip. The owner (old man) stood there watching. I screamed at him to get his dog but he just stood there. I then tried to "make contact" with the dog with my beautiful new shoes, but I was tired from running and the little dog was very fit and smart. This is when the old man started to scream at me: " leave my dog alone you bitch" ! he then went on a fighting position, with his hands into fists one inch from my eyes. while spitting at my face ( spitting not intentionally, just because he was mad and in my face) . He was screaming that it was a dog beach and his dog could do what he wanted. Anyway the old man was off his face.

I did manage to get the dog's name and the last digits of the phone number and have emailed the ranger.

I wasn't worried about the dog or the man but am upset at someone who think it is ok for a little dog to attack. I put antiseptic on the puncture just in case. I am also upset at my unfinished run as I just walked home after the "incident". And my shoes got wet as in trying to stop the dog I ended up in the water.

I am stubborn and will run again there in two days time. It is my preferred route, along the beach. I am tempted to get some pepper with me for next run. But where to carry it?


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38 Replies

  • OMG! That is awful! There's no way that dog should be off a lead. Nor the old man by the sounds of it! What a truly horrible encounter and I hope your ankle heals quickly. Good on you for saying it won't put you off running there but I do hope you don't ever see that man and dog again! xx

  • Thanks, the ranger is on his way to see me. Will see

  • That is really awful! The dog and the old man are a menace. You could sue him in some countries if you get bitten by his dog.

    You could take a bum bag with pepper spray and your mobile. Take pictures of the dog next time (I hope there won't be a next time) and report him.

    Look after yourself, dog bites can be nasty.

    And it's your beach as well, you can also do what you like on it.


  • Here, you just get a fine. It would have been OK with me if the old man had tried to get his dog of me. The Ranger will be here in a few minutes. Will see what he has to say.

  • Actually I will take a bumbag next time with my phone. Good idea.

  • Oh my goodness nhs2015 what a truly horrible experience for you and a scary one at that. Things could have been much, much worse than a puncture :-( so sorry to hear this has happened to you. Dogs like that should be kept on a lead and the owner should know better. Never mind shouting at you. If I was in your situation I don't know what I would do. I've only ever encountered one walking toward me a large and scary looking one which should never in a million years be out on it's own. I crossed over the road and hoped for the best. I don't personally like dogs for this very reason. I hope your wound heals quickly and maybe consider a visit to the hospital or doctors for a tetanus to be on the safe side.

    Take care hun x

  • Thanks Trafford, just a small puncture. It will be interesting if I see them again.

  • An update on this post:

    The ranger came, nice fellow. They could not find the owner. Not by dog's name and breed or the partial phone number. It looks like or this dog is unregistered or registered in another town and the old man is new in town or on holiday. Still, the Ranger Department will increase their rounds specifically in the area and will keep an eye for those two.

    So for future references : it pays to carry a phone when running. Even to take a photo of the full phone number.

  • Some people shouldn't have dogs ...keep going and just avoid them if you see them. Stay safe x

  • Thanks Rundee

  • Blimey! Well done you for restraint. I think I would have picked the litte ****er up and chucked him in the sea. And his dog after him.

    Keep a lose we on that bite wound. No reason to expect anything untoward but dogs mouths can be fairly germ laden places.

  • Thanks Rignold, that thought was in my mind!

  • Poor you! I like dogs, but they are a flipping nuisance when I'm running. Most of them just want to be friendly, but being friendly always seems to involve tripping me up. Haven't been bitten though, or shouted at by an owner (I don't usually get into any argy bargy with owners as I hate confrontation and am a wuss).

  • Thanks useitorloseit, I love dogs too and it is upsetting to see a dog so insecure that he needs to bite and go nuts. A dog should be contented and feel good in his/her skin. Some owners don't realise that to be kind to a dog you have to be firm and have the dog know you are in charge and he is loved.

  • What an awful experience for you.

    A couple of years ago I was running on a path past a gypsy camp and was bitten by a really wild looking dog. He was on a long chain and I couldn't avoid him. When I got home I phoned my doctor who immediately asked me to come in for a tetanus booster and a short course of antibiotics.

  • Thanks pilch, I am up to date with my Tetanus shot booster and have put some betadine on the small puncture and lucky we don't have rabies here

  • Thankfully I had no lasting effect from the bite. I'm also on another Health Unlocked site for a condition which gives me a chronic cough and after I had the jab and antibiotics that eased considerably for a few weeks - or as friends remarked it could have been something from the dog!!

  • Frightening isn't it

  • How awful. I'd suggest a trip to the GP or A&E for a tetanus booster and possibly antibiotics.

  • All good here, thanks ajwyld. The idea now is to be more aware and ready when I run. Not so trusting.

  • As always the real problem comes back to the owner not the dog. I'm glad the ranger took it seriously.

  • Agreed, you don't get bad dogs, just appalling owners. I hope you don't meet him again.

  • You got it right slowstart

  • I got this last year with an Alsatian that grabbed my forearm. It is the owners responsibly and comes down to how they bring their dogs up. Luckily for me one look from his owner and 10seconds later I had been released, just a bruise. It was a mum and pup and my jacket that I had tied around my middle had startled the pup so mum came to its defence. I only mentioned what happen to me because I am a massive dog fan and like you I talk and smile at the dogs in the park but it took me a little while to feel easy running past dogs after that but I made an effort not to let one incident spoil what I find one of the most enjoyable things about running. It sounds like he should not be looking after a dog if he can't care for it properly.

  • OMG that sounds awful. That guy sounds like an absolute d***. I think you were very restrained not hitting him in the ba**s. Have read the update and I'm glad the ranger took it seriously but what a shame he couldn't trace him.

    Hats off to you for not putting you off running that route. A friend of mine who's been on a running "class" got some advice about how to handle dogs. Don't wear black as apparently they don't like that, don't look them in the eyes as they see that as a threat and don't move your arms (might be difficult when running) as they think you're going to give them a treat and get excited. I must ask her if she got any advice about dealing with an aggressive dog. I carry an alarm and often wondered if I ever encountered an aggressive dog would I set off the alarm or would that make them worse. Must do some research on this but the noise is deafening so it might scare them away.

  • Thanks Irishprincess, with winter on the horizon and daylight starting a bit later, I go for a run just before 6am. I now encounter more people fishing or walking their dogs on the beach in the morning. I miss the tranquility of emptiness.

  • This is horrible! I hope the bite clears up quickly. What a truly horrible thing to happen, like you say it's one thing for a dog to attack but the owner to start at you as well is disgusting!

    I hope that the rangers are extra vigilant and find them. I don't care if it's a specified dog beach, humans and dogs can share spaces as long as everyone is civilised about it and it seems like you don't get civilised dogs without civilised owners first!

  • The guy was off his face. He must have issues in his life. It was a bit like a comedy really with him putting himself in a fighting position 😂

  • So sorry to hear this NHS , what a upsetting incident .

    Hope you're okay . Nasty git , some people shouldn't be allowed out ! Xxx

  • Thanks poppy, wet shoes, short run was the upsetting thing really

  • Oh nooooo NHS. That's horrid. Schnauzers are normally lovely dogs (at least the one's I've encountered are). What a horrid man too, he had no right blaming you.

    I've not been bitten but have experienced an owner looking the other way as the dog growled & snarled at me which was scarey enough.

    You take care & watch that bite too. X

  • Thanks Noaky, We have about 4 schnauzers in the neighbourhood and they are well trained dogs. Really up to the owners

  • Sorry to hear about that incident, hope you are recovering well. Like you say its the guy who should be responsible and take charge of his dog, his attitude is not what you need. My little George dog can be a bit on the snappy side(due to insecurities from his history) but i make sure he's clipped on when any runners are nearby, after 1 time when i had a speedy runner turn up along the cycle track and startled him and he got barky, but i was very apologetic and it made me much more aware. Glad you are ok x

  • Thanks Ali, you obviously know George well and act accordingly which must be rewarding for you. Dogs can be such good companion

  • He is lovely and like you say a great companion but I wish he was a little less fiery! But he is alot better than we we first got him!😊

  • This thread made me extra appreciative yesterday evening of the guy out walking his dog (large alsatian) who immediately shortened its lead as I approached. I swerved right, he swerved the other way and we passed with a cheery thankyou from me and hello from him.

  • This is good. A caring person.

    I was not aware before I started running about all the things we have to be aware of. It has opened my eyes and I am a better person for it.

  • Agree with all the comments; hats off to you for your determination and bravery!

    Glad it has been taken seriously too..

    I am quite afraid/uncertain of dogs generally... ( bitten by one as a child) only once attacked by a dog since, whilst on bike in France... fortunately I cycled faster than dog could run!!!!

    Hope your subsequent runs are bad dog and unpleasant owner free form now on! :)

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