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Dont know what to do!


So after my atempt at getting off the couch yesterday and going really easy and going right back to day 1, which I was ok with if it meant i was back up And running, felt great getting my heart rate up again, but the rest of the day i had sore legs, woke up this morning streached out in my bed. Legs feel good, no pain or aches... Until i get out of bed and really sore. What to do, what to do! Ive ordered compression sleves last night after doing bit of research on them in the hope that they will aid recovery or am I just kidding myself. I was going to get gait checked at weekend and buy some good trainers for trek running which i have also done some research on. Or am i just fooling myself i cant afford to waste a lot of money on trainers if Im not going to get the use out of them! 😒 Feeling sorry for myself this morning, feel like i will never get back to where i was, and that incredable feeling running gave me!

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Well done for getting back to it. My legs were screaming at me to get back to the couch for the first few weeks so I know how you feel. Make sure you do the warm and warm down exercise/stretches. I bought a foam roller from ebay (less than £7) and that really helped. It does get easier as you move through the weeks. Ive just done w6r3 (25min run) and legs are fine. Keep going and good luck.

Shar71 in reply to olderrunner

thank you for the encouragement, I have been looking at the foam rollers, but wasn't sure ! I will have to get one :)

Having now read that you completed C25K once I'm not sure I feel qualified to respond but this is what I found !

I struggled with week 1 (as a lot do)

However, I felt elated after I finished week 1 run 1.

Within 30. Minutes the high was amazing.

Then my rest day came !

I had such pain in my thighs I could barely get up and down stairs or lower myself to sit down .

That evening I was back on the couch with ice packs on my thighs.

I did this on and off over the course of the evening .

Next morning was my run 2 day and wasn't sure if I should do it .

Had a bit bath then decided to go for it .

But what I had made sure of is that I was fully hydrated AND I did the dynamic warm up excercises AND the after run excercises.

And up to now I have had no further issues.

This is of course just my experience.

But I hope it can help !

Good luck

Shar71 in reply to Instructor57

hi, thanks for taking the time to respond to my post. My pain is in my calf's I am beginning to think that maybe I have torn something.

Instructor57 in reply to Shar71

thats a shame, worth getting it checked out then just to be sure .

good luck with it

Shar71 in reply to Instructor57

Thank you :)


Sorry to read that you’re still suffering. Just had a read back through your posts to see what was going on. Sadly, it seems this falls in the category of a “too much too soon” injury... have you sought a medical opinion? Reading between the lines it looks like you’re healing but there’s still a weakness in the injured area... I’d recommend having a physio look at it as they’ll give you specific work to recover and strengthen. Shoes will help going forwards, but they’re not a fix all... We need to get that little voice out of your head that says “carry on” when the run is done... it’s ok to finish with plenty left in the tank... in fact it feels great. I’m sure you’ll be back... and you can do this and go on to wonderful and amazing runs... nothing is impossible, with the right plan.

Shar71 in reply to UnfitNoMore

Hi, thank you. yes I phoned my doctors not long after I did it as I could hardly walk, I was just told to rest for a week or 2 and ease back in gradual. But this was only a telephone appointment as my doctors have closed. I was also thinking I might need physio, I'm going to give my doctors a call and see if I can get an appointment ....if they are seeing people !!

I understand shoes are not a fix but thought would help, my trainers are bit old now and prob not the best I could of had either and were I like to run the ground can be uneven, yes unfortunately I think I did over do it, I was so desperate to loose weight and get fit that I just kept pushing myself, it was just starting to pay off too ! :(

thank you for your encouragement... I won't give up ! :)

UnfitNoMoreAdministrator in reply to Shar71

Shoes help... more shoes is also always a good thing (it was always just my wife saying that before I ran 🤣). I have to have 2 pairs on the go now as my dogs are too young to run distance, but they do enjoy intervals... they ignore when I lace up my long run shoes and yet when I even look at my others they get hyper!

You’re doing great... Rome wasn’t built in a day though (or so they tell me) focus on the long term and you’ll reach every goal, because you’re awesome right now.

Shar71 in reply to UnfitNoMore

😂 Your wife is probably thinking more 👠👡 lol and she is absolutely right lol although feels long time since i put anything glamorous on! Love running with my pooch 🏃🏼‍♀️🐶 he still young but built up with me and my running is just fast walk to him 😂

Thanks, u have helped i will refocus and stop being so hard on myself and ur right it wasnt built in a day 😊

Make sure you warm up and cool down with leg strengthening exercises. If you did it before you can do it again 👍🏃🏻‍♀️

Shar71 in reply to Minsy

thnak you


Oh Shar, guessing you’re feeling a bit defeated. Maybe more time walking for a while, to give the injured bit more time to repair? I’m sure it will come in time. Sending positive vibes 🤗

Shar71 in reply to BonniesRest

Thanks BonniesRest, i'm just feeling sorry for myself today...loving the positive vibes as always :)


Morning Shar. I’m just catching up on your post. Sending a big hug as it sounds like you need one 🤗.

Be patient. Returning from injury takes time, I should know. The key thing now is that you must be kind to yourself, not get downhearted and don’t lose that love of the running buzz.

There are somethings you can do to keep your mind focused on moving forward...

First go and get some medical advice to identify the problem with your calf. That will put your mind at rest and you’ll then know what you’re dealing with.

Next write a list of why you run - it’ll keep you motivated to get back out there.

Thirdly and once you are ready to try again, make sure you are well hydrated and stretched in the days before you head out on your next run and keep this going, always.

Finally, and this is the hard part, no doing that little bit more.... Stick to the plan, to every minute of it, and save the extra energy you have for the next run.

You can do this Shar.

Once your injury heals you and Ted 🐾 will be out again. Injury makes us better runners .....

Please keep posting updates xx

Shar71 in reply to Delly-dot

Thanks delly-dot always good to hear from you. Legs feel loads better again today so im going to rest up rest of week, go get new trainers on Saturday then i will do those steches over the weekend and try again on monday 😊 and yes i will be sticking to what it says lol 😁


First, I would say that you need some professional advice about your injury, you can Dr Google anything and find something that sounds like you have, but probably isn't.

I am always wary of applying compression or stability devices unless suggested by a professional, you could do more harm than good.

Let your injury heal fully before you start up again, and then start slowly otherwise I fear you will quickly injure yourself again.

The programme is carefully designed to reduce injury, so dare I say, next time don't exceed the segments 🙄

You will come back from this though.

Unfortunately it can't be rushed.

Take care 😊

Shar71 in reply to Jell6

Thanks for ur advice jell6. I did get advice from doctors when i first did it just told me to rest it for couple of weeks, and i totally agree with u on dr google so i am careful with that one lol.

I did however have compression on all day yesterday and dont know if its just coincidence or not but suprised this morning that my legs feel loads better today so am going to keep off them as much as possible for rest of the week and go get my new trainers on Saturday and give it another go next monday to see how it feels.

Thank you for taking the time to reply 😊 always greatful for any advice


Hi Shar, sorry I’ve missed your posts.. I think I’m feeling similarly a bit defeated at the moment..! My third 30minute consolidation run was a slow struggle from start to finish, but I felt great when it was over and went home and washed loads of windows.. then suddenly thought oh god I’m so knackered.. which lasted for three days! I seriously thought I was really ill.. you know when you feel so tired you feel sick.. 🙄. So since then I’ve stuck to walking for about an hour a day, and not even tried to run.. I think the lesson for me anyway is listen to your body and if it feels like too much of a struggle don’t do it.. I might even go back to the beginning of the plan and repeat each run until it feels relatively easy.. but not until I feel a bit more energetic..Enjoy and take care choosing your shoes.. I have a bunion and my Salomon Trailsters really made a massive improvement for me.. so they might make all the difference for you.. I hope so..😊

Nice to hear from you peggy, sorry to hear how deflated your feeling at the moment, but well done on continuing to get hour long walks in each day, thats really good 😊. And if you like cleaning windows.... I have a few that need doing 😂. But seriously, its hard staying motivated especially if you feel tired maybe you just need a rest and some tlc to recharge your batteries. I know when i did it the first time i lost motivation shortly after graduation. This time i was determined to keep going no matter what but the best laid plans and all that lol.

Just take it easy and look aftrr yourself, think about why you started running in the first place and if you need to go back and start again to get ur mojo back then do it and see how u feel about it all then.

Good luck 🍀😊x


Thanks Shar.. all this rain’s not helping right now is it! I quite like being out in rain as at least it’s cool.. but there are limits!.. keep posting.. and we’ll both keep trying..😊

Shar71 in reply to Peggy63

Lol we have had a fair bit havent we! Hopefully it will pick up soon and you will feel like getting back out there! 😊 Keep smiling

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