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Graduation Run Woohoo!



Wow! Done, Can't believe how difficult that was lol

Firstly was late getting up (am still feeling under the weather)

Missed breakfast, can't run on a full belly, feel sick enough anyways

Grabbed a quick glass of water, updated iPod to make sure I had right tracks, out the door I go...

They are cutting the grass!

Huffing and puffing off I go, this is always so much harder when I am on my own, so glad I have the club Monday and Wednesday or wouldn't have gotten this far!

The sun is out it is a beautiful day, home route, not the butterfly run, haven't got the energy.

going well - having to push myself (come on it's the graduation run, you can do this),

turn the corner, up the hill, huff, puff, round the bend down the hill, oh dear the road is closed, haha is someone trying to tell me something?

Come on this is graduation run keep going there is still road, you can do it, 1...2...3...4, 1...2...3...4, yes there hit the spot, slow it down, keep going, breathing terrible, people going past in cars beeping (good can't stop now), chest fills with mucus and breathing is horrendous, tough am so very nearly there, round the corner straight into grass cutter, destress, big breath, head up, knees high, legs long, away I bounce, and I'm there I have done it woohoo yay check the Nike+, 5K 29 mins.34 secs, woohoo yay I am a Graduate! :-)

Thank you so much to everyone who has helped to get me this far, everybody on here (who are always in my thoughts), Laura - the voice of C25K, the NHS, SRC Metrocentre, What a feeling this is, to all those just embarking or nearly there, all the best keep it up and well done for getting out there :-)

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CONGRATULATIONS! and such a great post - will inspire many on their way! Go get your grad badge and wear it with pride!

Congratulations Tor......I was with you every step of the way there,that was a great post.

Enjoy your running ,enjoy your shiny badge,so well-earned and keep posting updates .Well done you :)


Thanks Guys we have really worked hard, but this is only the start, now we have to keep it up, somehow I think this will be a tougher challenge, bring it on :-)


Great news! Many congratulations on your graduation! Have watched your progress with interest - you've overcome some real issues along your way ... T E R R I F I C ! ! !

Now celebrate in style, feet up and relax, for a day! Keep showing the world how good it is to be alive and fit. Post grad life is ok, we just have to learn to exist without Laura kicking us up the bum! (The forum pals will still be here, though! ;) ) But if you/we can do C25K from a couch start and with health probs ... We can do anything, right? :D :D :D

Cheers, best wishes, and continued happy running.

Linda :)

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Thanks Linda, much appreciated, a lady from the group I run with always posts up with a very appropriate message, 'No matter how slow you are going, you are lapping everyone sat on the couch'! now being a couch graduate it means so much more.

Continued happy running wished for all, we can achieve anything we set our minds to :-)


Tor huge gratz! That badge certainly does suit you :)

in reply to Ryansson

Thank you Ryansson, whoop whoop we graduated together looks good on you too :-)


Congratulations and well done.

in reply to inmind

Thank you inmind, hope your runs are going well :-)


Congratulations on your graduation - and what a fantastic time :)

in reply to Anniemurph

Thanks Anniemurph, I have been pushing myself a lot recently, but I think it is worth it :-)


Congratulations and well done! Great post. You're a Graduate! WHOOP!

in reply to Feefbev

Thanks Feefbev, how are your runs going?


FANTASTIC news and I was captivated by your graduation run, my heart was in my mouth!!! Just think if you can run those times for 5 K when you are not feeling 100% then your progression from here will be amazing. Best wishes and good luck with you post grad plans.

in reply to Mazzero

Thank you Mazzero, when I was feeling better I ran a 5k in around 24 minutes I didn't know what to do (carry on to run 30 minutes or stop at 5k? so I know I can do it but mostly it's 30-40 minutes) in my blogs I like to put down exactly how I feel so people can kinda run along with me and hopefully it will inspire others to get through their rough spots too :-)

Good luck with your runs too, :-)


Well done & congratulations on your graduation tor41, I am so happy for you! Sounds like you had to really battle to get through the graduation run, so that's all the more impressive. Your lovely new Graduate badge has appeared already! Enjoy your success, and I look forward to reading more of your great blogs post-graduation.

Wish me luck for my last four runs - I have W8R3 tomorrow, and all being well will follow in your footsteps and graduate next week. Can't wait!

in reply to Scipio

Awesome Scipio I do indeed wish you the very best of luck, one week left, already wow, doesn't feel like two minutes does it and look how far we have come, go gal your shiny badge awaits you :-)


Yay, congratulations! Wish you all the best with your future runs:)

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Thank you Splenda78, happy running :-)


Yea, going well, 2nd run of the week tonight, always the toughest! Can't describe how excited I am about Monday's Grad run!!!!!!!


Huge huge huge congratulations!! I'm so pleased for you and that is an amazing time!

That lovely shiny badge really does suit you! ;-)

Amazing! I don't know you, but I can feel your pride and sense of achievement shine out in every word of your post.

So thrilled for you - it's clearly been a journey and you've scaled the summit today. Here's to many more wonderful runs! Xx

Congratulations Tor and equally great post. Good luck with the next phase but take a little time to celebrate your achievements so far !

Fantastic well done! :-)


Congratulations and well done!

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