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W7 R2 another great run

Do you think it is because the weather is cooler? Anyways went out again this morning, not my normal route, only had 40 minutes so keeping it tight, 5 minute warm up walk, 30 minutes running, 5 minutes cool down walk:-)

ran out of route! Had to turn around and run back, having done the allotment rounds, turned through the woods and startled a couple of deer!

So all in all this means I am getting faster too yay fitter, faster great stuff :-)

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I ran out of route once during week 6 and had to run several widths of the rugby field rather than the usual length of the field because I could see I needed a longer distance! I guess it means your are either quicker or taking longer strides. Either way you are improving!



Thank you Beek, I am feeling really good at the moment, and hopefully it is heartening for other people too as it isn't so long ago that a whole minute was a feat and 5K may as well have been a marathon :-)


It is amazing how we all manage to gradually improve. I would not have thought I could ever run for 28 minutes but I can now!

Good luck and happy running!


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