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W7 R2 - Oh deary, deary me....😩

Not a great run and a bit cross with myself really. There are a few things I need to remember....

1) Do not try and "fit" in a run in an otherwise busy day - plan it and if you do it again, do not try out a new route at the same time

2) Do not attempt any more early morning runs - both have been pants and I am not a morning person so it really doesn't work

3) SLOW down for goodness sake

My calves were aching on the warm up walk and my brain was worrying about how I would fit everything into this morning - not a positive start. However, new route started well and I did find a rhythm, managed my big hill (hurrah) down the other side but then at 21 minutes I hit another hill which was just deep sand underfoot, difficult to walk on let alone run.

I attempted it but after 23 minutes just came to a halt and started walking - I think that's a first non finish for me for a long time.....

When I read my stats back I was going way too fast and although I kept that pace up for 23 minutes, it meant I couldn't finish and as I KNOW by now, this isn't about speed - so what I was thinking goodness only knows.

Will take 2 days rest and attempt - no not attempt - complete W7 R3 on Wednesday evening on my old trusty route.......and put today behind me, but not forget it, as there were some real lessons in there for me today........

As we say, onwards and upwards - every run is a learning experience 😀🏃

Watch out for my next post already entitled "Return of the Tortoise" on Wednesday 🐢

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Getting to 23 minutes is as good as a complete run so well done rest for the two days go back to your old route and I am sure you will complete it without any difficulty

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Thanks - just felt cross with myself as I should know better - think I was speeding (relative term) to get the run over with so I could get on with the days events....silly me :-)


You had what we used to call a schoolboy error and having so much going on in your head made you rush things a bit but I am sure you will be okay next time


Well smack your wristies!! you haven't been listening to Laura's words of wisdom, she knows best!!

On the positive side, you did run for 23 minutes and have learned very important lessons.

Keep up the good work you're nearly there!!

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Haha - you are soooo right - Back on track later in the week :-)


It takes about 2 weeks to get used to running early in the morning I found. Then your body just adjusts. Hills are a real pain. It is so much harder to do the runs if you have to go uphill. There's nothing wrong with going round and round a flat area and doing your run that way (other than boredom).


I have told myself all those things too. Especially don't run early morning on sn empty dehydrated stomach! And Slow for is my mantra

Good luck for next time !!


We all do it - and we all learn from it, sort of a right of passage! Everyone says slow down and we go - I am! and then 'they' (those wise ones) say - even slower! And we say - I do! And then we don't ! Ah well we'll get it in the end - maybe........😨😳

Well done! you achieved 23 minutes ✨✨✨✨ that is great, and with hills - go you! 💐 Looking forward to your next report, big breath and away...........🙋🏼🙋🏼🙋🏼

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To steal words of wisdom from Irish-John this was a practice run. You were so close. Unlike you I'm dreading winter when for reasons of safety I may have try afternoon running when I'm very much a morning person !!😀


Everydays a school day , you've learned what works for you and what doesn't .

Take the positives from it Kate and leave the rest .

File it away, and look forward , Slow, steady, believe ....

You can do this, Good Luck for Wednesday ! :-) xxx


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